Dra. Angelica Quintero Palomino – Pediatrician in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

When we first moved here in 1994 our then two children were the only blonds in the classroom and we had trouble finding a good doctor for them.  We would tend to their medical needs as we went back and forth to Canada.


Now we have three grandchildren here and our daugheters have found a wonderful pediatrician for them.


Her name is Dra. Angelica Quintero Palomino and although she works in Guadalajara she comes out to Ajijic regularly and lives in Ajijic.


Dra. Angelica is located at Maskaras Clinic on Hidalgo 79-G, (the carretera) in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jalisco 45900.   The phone # there is (376) 765-4805 and her cell  is 045 333 167 6814.


Our girls are very happy with Dra. Angelica and trust her completely with their children.


Once when one of our daughters and her family were in Manzanillo their baby got thrush.  They were able to reach Dra. Angelica on her cell and get the proper treatment and medication to fix the problem.


Dra. Angelica has given all our grandchildren their shots and check ups.  Some of these shots are free at the Health Center but you have to be Mexican to be eligible for the shots without cost.


Dra. Angelica is the mom of four boys including twins so is quite capable at dealing with all situations.


I wanted to mention Dr. Angelica to you as more younger people are coming down with their small children and I wanted you to know there was an excellent pediatrian right here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala to take good care of them.


Dra. Angelica is married to Dr. Carlos Garcia Dias del Castillo who runs Maskaras Clinic so you know the service and care will be excellent.

Go Bistro in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I have blogged about Go before but after having a lovely dinner there last Saturday night I thought it was worth another word or two.


As you have probably noticed it is a little warm outside.  We had specifically chosen Go Bistro to have dinner with our friends because of the lovely cool garden.  There are lots of fans, a fountain and lush green foliage all of which provide a beautiful cool setting.


They have lovely cold fruit soups and I thoroughly enjoyed the cold cucumber soup which was absolutely delicious.  The rib eye my friend ordered was the best we had had at a restaurant in some time and the veal with gorgonzola which as good as ever.


My Caesar salad was crisp and delicious and the white wine was cold and delightful.  Go Bistro also has special drinks of the day and you receive a voucher for a free drink for your next visit with every meal.


Peter (the owner) was there to great us as usual along with his charming hostess Janine and found us the perfect table in the garden.  Normally, we like eating at the private table in the “library”  but we knew the garden would be the perfect spot for this particularly warm evening.


The waiters are friendly and attentive and they have daily specials and a regular menu.  It is very difficult to choose what to have as everything is delicious and well prepared.  Prices are very moderate.


Go Bistro is located on Marcos Castellanos # 31 just north of the carretera and for reservations call 333 502 6555.


Go is open most days from 6 to 8:30 PM.


If you are looking for a cool place to beat the heat Go Bistro might just be the answer for you.  It certainly was for us.


Buen Provecho!



Banking ATM’s in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Things are certainly changing for the better with regard to banking in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.


When we were first here 23 years ago you had a choice of an ATM at Bancomer in downtown Ajijic or several banks that had ATM’s in Chapala.


More than once over the years one or more of these machines ate my credit card and it would take weeks to replace it especially if your credit card was from Canada or the US.


I finally got a debit card from Bancomer and I am jolly glad I did.


On Friday, Walmart’s Bancomer’s ATM ate my card and, of course, the staff at Walmart will do nothing to help you.  They did give me a phone # for which I did not hold out much hope.  I cannot speak for other Mexican banks but Bancomer do seem to be doing everything possible to make your life easier.


I called the phone # and asked to speak to someone who spoke English.  A few minutes later Ulysses Ramirez came on the line and gave me instructions what to do to get  new debit card that day.  This was unheard of in Ajijic in days gone by and I was skeptical.  He said first he would cancel my card so I was protected and then he asked me a few security questions to make sure it was me.


One of the questions was what was the expiry date on my debut card and I said I did not know because I did not have it.  Other than that things went quite smoothly.


He said he would give me a report # and I should take that #, my debit card # and my passport to the bank and the bank would replace my card that day which they did.  I was thrilled even though I had devised a Plan B in my mind.


I did have another account with a debit card so I would have transferred some money into that account.


The phone # for someone to help you with Bancomer is 01 800 226 2663.  I am sure the other banks might have similar help #’s in place for their customers.



I am very happy about getting my new debit card the same day but I still worry if one of my Canadian cards gets eaten.


Also it c an be difficult to get funds at an ATM from your Client Card from up north.  I have found that Multiva does offer this service for only $46.00 pesos.  Theres a Multiva ATM in Superlake in San Antonio, Tlayacapan and across the street from Gossips restaurant on the overpass in downtown Ajijic.


Having a local debit card is definitely a safety net for eaten cards.

The Rainy Season is Almost Here

I know a lot of us have been feeling the heat.  Literally.


Every year it seems that we always say “I don’t remember it being this hot last year”.  April and May are usually our hottest months but April this year was lovely.  May, on the other hand, has been quite warm.  This is usually the time of year that most people travel to escape the heat.


The good news is that the harbingers of the Rainy Season, the Rain Birds, are croaking themselves hoarse which mean the rains are near.  With the onset of the rains come cooler temperatures.


That is not all.  The rains bring flowers and flowering trees and wonderful fragrances and clean smells after the storms.


The Rainy Season is everyone’s (well almost everyone’s) favorite season of the year.


Our friend who experienced their first Rainy Season last year came up with a wonderful description of this magical time of year.  She said you could plant a pencil in the ground and it would grow into a tree.  This is not too far from the truth and professional and amateur gardiners have a field day (no pun intended) during this season.


The colors are more vibrant and the storms are very dramatic with lots of thunder and lightening.  Thankfully, it usually only rains at night and is beautiful during the day.


One caution is that a lot of pets are not crazy about thunder so be vigilant of this when leaving them alone.


The dates for the Rainy Season are June 15th – October 15th to we have only about 3 weeks left until the rains come.


I predict they will be early this year as we have been hearing the Rain Birds for weeks.  Usually, the rains come approximamtely 6 weeks after we first hear the Rain Birds.


So keep your fans on and soon we will have relief from the heat.


Another aside is that the Rain Birds are not birds but very large insects and if you ever see one there is no mistaking what it is.







Cosmopolitan Bazar in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

There is a consignment store on Hidalgo #79 (the carretera) in Riberas del Pilar, Jalisco.


They have:










Kitchen Goods


Electronic Appliances


Odds and Ends


Their hours are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm but are closed on Sundays.


Tel. (376) 765-3700


Donating to the fire victims of the H. C. of Guadalajara and Chapala’s Red Cross.



Check them out.  I am sure you will find something you will like.



Protecting Expat Visa Status When Leaving Mexico

At least a dozen lakeside area immigrants have lost their residency visas due to paperwork glitches.


Foreign citizens who have obtained residency visas in Mexico may lose that legal status whenever they venture out for travel beyond the Mexican borders.


Officials from the Instituto Nacional de Migration (INM) have issued a warning to that effect during a conference of expats held April 11th, 2017.


Evidently, a minor clerical error when going through immigration stations at border crossings and international airports can end up getting automatically switched from Residence Temporal (RT) or Residence Permanente (RP) status to a visitor permit good for a maximum of 180 days.


The problem stems from errors in processing the Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM),  a standard from that must be submitted individually by all foreigners entering and exiting Mexico.


For tourists traveling beyond the border zone, the two-part FMM serves as their official visitor permit.  The larger top portion is stamped and collected by immigration officers upon entry to the country, with the lower segment handed back upon departure.


In contrast, as an RT or RP visa holder, any time you fly out of Mexico you will have to fill out an FMM and give it the airline carrier to be attached to your boarding pass. The shorter lower segment will be collected at the INM desk  prior to entering the boarding area.


The trickier part is how the FMM is handled when reentering Mexico.  Airline personnal usually hand out the forms on board the incoming flight.  Residentes fill in the information boxes in the top portion of the form, including noting Mexico as country of resudence (box #7), the number shown on the back of the FMM green card (box #8) , checking otro/other for purpose of trip (box #9).


It is recommended to add the hand-written notation Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal across the top of the form and detaching the lower portion of the form that is meant to be kept only by persons coming into the country as visitors.


Once off the plane pay close attention as you go throught imigration.  First of all show the official your IMN resident green card and passport and state “soy residente” then hand over only the top portion of the FMM. Cooperate if the official on duty insists that you fill out both segments of the form, but make sure that the gray areas designated for Uso Official are filled out properly before leaving the immigration desk.


If there is a check mark in the section labeled Estancia Maxima 180 days you will be registered as a visitor in the IMN data base, automatically losing your resident status.  In that case see that the mistake is corrected and the secion below titled Unicamente Para Electos Estadisticos, is checked off in the box labled Tarjeta Permanente/Temporal.


Residents immigrants should follow the same procedures when leaving and entering the country by land or sea.


RP or RT holders are not subject to paying any processing fees to airline companies or immigration checkpoints since they have already paid the requisite taxes for obtaining their visas.




To Stay Young Rescue a Dog



If you want to stay young, and we all do, rescue a dog and your life and the dog’s life will change for the better.


A rescue dog will be so grateful to have a home his/her unconditional love will be boundless.


They get you up out of bed in the morning because they want their breakfast.


They will lower you blood pressure by sleeping with you and you will feel them beside you.


They will get you out the door to walk every day which is great for both of you.


They will protect you and your house.  My husband who is in real estate has always said that the best security system is a barking dog.


They will keep you company.  They are always happy when you come home and will greet you at the door with wagging tails.


There are so many dogs in Ajijic, Lake Chapala that need a home.  There are all breeds, sizes, temperaments and personalities.


We have had 7 rescue dogs in the 23 years we have been here and each and every one of them have brought us joy.


The unconditional love of rescue dogs is an amazing gift which we treasure.


There are three excellent places in Ajijic, Lake Chapala where you can adopt a rescue dog:


Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center – www.luckydogmx.weebly.com


The Ranch – www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com


and Anita’s Animals – www.anitasanimals.com


You could also just pick up a street dog  that catches you fancy and give them a loving home. My daughter got attached to a little miniture schnauzer beside her school in Chapala. This little dog was all alone but was smart enough to make friends with all the big dogs so she was safe. I told my husband about this little dog and as a surprise for our daughter he went to Chapala picked her up and brought her home.  My daughter was thrilled and Scruffy became my best friend for 12 wonderful years.


All dogs deserve a loving home and the rewards you gain are untold especially for you health.


We have 3 rescue dogs at the moment.  2 are street dogs and the other was an adoption from Lucky Dog.  They are all wonderful dogs and so happy to have a home of their own.


Change your life.  Rescue a dog.





Easter (Dia dePascua) in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

This Sunday April 16th Easter Sunday.  This is the busiest time of year in,  Ajijic, Lake Chapala.


A must see is the Passion Play put on by the residents of the area.  It starts Good Friday, April 14th and ends with the Cruxifiction Sunday,  April 16th.  Different scenes are depicted in different areas in Ajijic, San Antonio Tlayacapan and Chapala.


For listings of what is happening in these areas and at what times consult this week’s Guadalajara Reporter, April 8th.


Also there are also listings of the different Church Services and times at the various Churches in the area.


El Dia de Pascua (Easter) is the biggest holiday of the year here and is even bigger than Christmas (Navidad).


This week is called Semana Santa and a lot of businesses and services will be closed part or most of this week.  So before you venture out make sure where you are going is open for business.  Particularly, if you need to get banking done.


The snowbirds are starting to leave this week as most of them like to be up north with their families for Easter.


That means less traffic and more parking and, in general, quieter.


It is a very exciting time of year and we heartily recommend that you take in part of or all of the Passion Play.


Happy Easter and Feliz Pascua to all (a todos).

Posture-Pain Therapist in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I have been experiencing some problems with my back and am doing everything I can to make it better.


This includes proper bio-available calcium, and other vitamins and minerals, effective pain medication and anti-inflammatories.


Exercise is also very important.  Gentle Yoga is good, walking and exercises for the back.


Seeing your doctor regularly is part of your routine but doing some research yourself is also useful to keep the meds to a minimum.


There is a person here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala that does the Egoscue Method of exercise to reduce pain and correct posture.


I have decided to give her a try as she has a wonderful reputation and having researched the method she uses,  I am hopeful she might be able to help with my pain.


Her name is Barbara Baker and her email address is: bbaker9618@aol.com and she is located in Riviera Alta.


She charges $600.00 for a two hour session and she assesses you and gives, you what she calls a series of menus, (different exercises) for you to do at home.  She does show you how to do all the exercises and also sends you an email with pictures and descriptions of the exercises she wants you to do.


You do the exercises and might return for a follow-up in 3 weeks to see how you are doing.  At that time you may get another set of “menus” to do.


Hopefully, this will be the last part of the puzzle for me.


Barbara got into this method of therapy because of her own pain and was so happy with the results she decided to become an Egoscue Therapist.  This is very good validation so I am looking forward to my own results.

Unusual Weather in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Sundasy was a very interesting day. We had a lovely family dinner on the terraza up to our ankles in babies.


Sometime during dinner we had a freak hail storm.  Not is it unusual to have a hail storm here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, it is almost unheard of for it to happen in March.


We all scrambled inside and waited for it to pass so we could get back outside and enjoy our wine and fantastic dessert that our daughter made  which was a Salted Caramel and Pecan Cheesecake.


Later we said our goodbyes to family and went to bed to watch a little TV before going to sleep.


Evidently, this was not in the cards as we heard a huge explosion and our electricity went out.  It is not unusual for our electricity to go out after a storm but not usually several hours later.


We went to sleep hoping beyond hope we would have light in the morning.  This, however, was not the case.  So no dishwasher, no washing machine, no computer, no TV … well you get the picture.  (no pun intended)


It is amazing how much I got done not having power.  I took a pair of pants into Fiaga to be let down, did all my filing for the last 4 months, read a book and finally had a lovely nap.


I woke up just as my soap was coming on at 1:00 pm.  I then turned on the dishwasher and washing machine.


Now we were without power from 10:00 pm Sunday to 1:00 pm on Monday.  This may seen like a long time but we can remember when we could wait up to 3 days to get power back.


I did call CFE (071) to make sure the outage had been reported and was assured it had and it could take up to 10 hours to be reinstated.


Needless to say, I was thrilled when it came back on 3 hours later.


All in all w felt very lucky as it could have been much worse.