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Best Breakfast Restaurants in 

Lake Chapala

Thank you for taking the time to check out our list of favourite breakfast spots in Lake Chapala.

We spent a lot of time researching this article. It hasn't been easy having to drink all of that fresh squeezed juice or eating all of the gourmet food but somehow we got through it and we are proud to offer you our results.


This charming little cafe across the main highway from Super Lake has some of our favorite breakfast food lakeside. The Eggs Benedict are fantastic and French toast is awesome. The consistently good food is well worth the slightly above average prices.

Oh yea and they roast their own coffee beans!

OPEN 8:30AM - 2PM Daily     CLOSED Tuesdays

Paseo Centenario de la Revolución 158, San Antonio


Right in the heart of Ajijic, just around the corner from the Plaza. Inexpensive, good quality food. Many of the restaurants on this list offer fresh squeezed juice, but David's is our favorite.

From there we like to stroll the town and hit the malecon.

OPEN 8:00AM - 3PM Daily     CLOSED Wednesdays

Hidalgo 21, Ajijic


Worth the drive into Chapala? Absolutely. Traditional Mexican breakfasts, fresh juices, ample seating and nice atmosphere make this breakfast destination a must try in your near future. 

OPEN 8:00AM - 1PM Daily 

Hidalgo 277, Chapala


The truth is we are not even sure if that is the actual restaurant name or just a bilingual description of their culinary offerings, but this place has some of the best donuts we have ever tried. Worth the calories?


YUP ! 

OPEN 7:30AM - 7PM Mon-Fri  /  7:30AM-8PM Sat & Sun  

J. Encarnación Rosas 52, Ajijic


There are few places on this list that have the same appeal as this hotel / restaurant. Their lakefront, garden tables are as nice as anything you will find in town. Gorgeous mature trees provide shade and the birds provide the music. The food is great and the owners are a lot of fun.

OPEN 8AM - 6PM     

Donato Guerra 9, Ajijic


Like Cafe Negro, Sunrise is also located in San Antonio.  With a large menu offering American classics like pancakes, waffles, and every different kind of omelette as well as most Mexican staples, you are sure to find something delicious for breakfast. With simple decor, looking over a small courtyard, the atmosphere is unassuming and it's ample seating makes it great for large parties and brunches. 

OPEN 7AM - 4:30PM Tues-Sat / 7-3PM Sun / CLOSED Mon  Hidalgo 119, San Antonio


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