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Chapala - Lake Chapala, Mexico

A description of the city of Chapala on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico

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Chapala is a unique, iconic, and charming town in Jalisco, Mexico, that can best be described as magical.


Each year, thousands of tourists head there for a life-long experience. If you are looking for somewhere to rest and relieve stress from the turmoil and pollution of the city. The town is full of unique charm, folklore, and tradition to have a good experience. The place provides total relaxation as well as interacting with friendly people and nature. There is no doubt that after visiting the beautiful Lake Chapala region, you will have various fun activities with your family.


Lake Chapala area became popular in the 1930s when a new colony began originating in the region. Creative individuals from Canada, the US, Europe, and other nations came to Lake Chapala for the ambiance, climate, and beauty of the place. D.H. Lawrence was among the most famous people to write a book about the Lake Chapala area - “The Plumed Serpent.”

The Train Station, constructed around 1913, has a significant impact on tourism. Trains carried people to Chapala from Guadalajara in 3 hours. The stage busses usually spent up to twelve hours to reach the lakeside.

The old station has been restored and functions as a venue for cultural events and exhibitions. It is among the most impressive structures that were constructed during the heyday of the tourism of Lake Chapala.

Beer Garden - Malecon is an excellent place to watch people enjoying the Malecon, strolling or walking, riding on a boat over the Chapala Islands, or taking a bite under a concealed beer garden where you can comfortably see lake Chapala. It is a great place for foreigners or Mexican locals to visit. The Beer Garden is on the Malecon and has a beautiful view of the lake and a fun atmosphere. This institution has drawn masses of tourists and locals to the lakefront since 1925. Enjoy a beer on a rambling patio, tilapia (mojarra) any way you want it, whitebait (local charales that are deeply fried). Also, there is live music every weekend from 3 pm. 

Soriana is a Mexican edition of Walmart. It is located off the principal street in Chapala, and it has ample parking, fresh-baked products, high-quality produce, and almost everything that you can find in Walmart, usually with better costs than those of other markets.


Chapala Haciendas is a restaurant in the Lake Chapala area that offers the best value for your money in the Ajijic area. It has clean and safe rooms that include a fireplace, WIFI, BBQ area, a pool table, and a television. The hotel is located 2 miles from Walmart, Ajijic, and close to the lake. They have a great staff that treats their clients like family. The hotel also offers easy access to the highway from Guadalajara to Chapala. 

Brisas De Chapala is an 84-community home residence that is situated along the highway to Chapala and two kilometers from Chapala town. The residence consists of private security and government police who patrol the area regularly. The homes are located within the Lakeside Chapala. They also provide quick access to government services like tax payment as the city is three minutes away. Many banks provide residents with convenient services whenever they need them. Local facilities within these homes include the availability of high-speed internet for quick and easy connection. 

Nuevo Chapala is a gated community in Chapala that provides residents with enjoyable residential homes that include a club with pool games for children, a lounge for social and family events, and extensive landscaping. The gated community is spacious, functional, and comfortable. Located within Chapala town, it is close to everything, and also provides the security and privacy needed for every resident. This is an ideal choice for you if you want permanent housing or retirement home.

Vista Del Lago, Golf Course
Vista Del Lago is an organized neighborhood that has one of the best golf courses around Lake Chapala area. It consists of a community that is created around a 9-hole course that includes a driveway and a restaurant to have a meal after a round of golf. The community consists of many homes that provide easy accessibility to the golf course and spectacular views for the lake.

Average Price of Homes
The average cost to buy an apartment around lake Chapala is 10,760 MXN per square meter. This is quite expensive for ordinary citizens. A typical house in the area sells around $250,000.

In conclusion, I would say that Chapala is an excellent place to live and not much of a place to visit. It has excellent weather, outstanding sceneries, and charming people. So, if you are considering buying a retirement home, you can consider getting one in this location.


Article by:


Conner Collins

Director of Sales at Collins Real Estate

20 year resident and trusted realtor in the Lake Chapala area.​​

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