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#4 Restaurant in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

#4 Restaurant in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Number 4 is a recently opened restaurant in Ajijic located at Donato Guerra #4. The opening was a gala affair with wonderful music and delicious food such as lamb chops, shrimp and gourmet pizza among many other savory delicacies.

It is beautifully renovated with the striking décor by Arden.

Downstairs is a piano bar with nightly music and tables for casual dining and up the spiral staircase is a lovely dining room surrounding a four sided fireplace which burns brightly with fires on the cooler nights and candles during the warmer evenings. It is under a huge palapa and has excellent views of the lake and mountains. Candle sconces provide and warm and friendly atmosphere to enjoy your dining experience. They have an extensive wine list and the staff is well trained and dedicated to your experience being an enjoyable one.

Number 4 is a great restaurant for special occasions, romantic dates or just going out with friends. It is very beautiful.

They have two new chefs which have elevated the kitchen to an excellent standard of fine cuisine.

Greg Couillard is the head chef and always comes to the table to make sure everything was to your taste. Kim, the owner, is always there too to welcome her guests with a wonderful smile and great energy.

Shai Buchler is the other new chef who once worked at our favorite restaurant in Toronto, Joso’s.

Both these additions to Number 4 are being very warmly welcomed as the food now equals the high tone of the restaurant.

At the moment they have a special menu which changes almost daily. For $250.00 per person you can select from two or three appetizers, two or three entrees and my favorite dessert, crème brulee with seasonal fruit in a delicate phylo pastry. The other day there was a lamb shank on this special menu which was amazing in a sauce which evidently takes 4 days to prepare.

You can also order of the regular menu with such delights as a New York steak for two, rack of lamb, wonderful pastas and pizzas. I also highly recommend the gorgonzola salad with pralines.

This restaurant has been a favorite since it opened a little over a year ago but now with Greg and Shai performing their magic nightly you will definitely need reservations. They are closed Monday and Tuesday but for all other days call 766-1360. You will also not want to miss their Sunday Brunch.

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