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700 Billion Dollar Bailout Package and How it will affect Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

700 Billion Bailout and Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

There is a lot of unrest in the economic community north of the border. This situation, of course, not only affects the US but the entire global community.

While the lawmakers are trying to pass a piece of legislation to alleviate the shaky market we all are wondering about our financial futures.

Things are cyclical and we will survive as we all did after 9/11. If your dream is to retire to Ajijic/Lake Chapala this may still be possible. Perhaps if you are having difficulty selling your home because your buyers cannot get financing renting it could be a viable option until the markets rebound. Today there will be another vote to try a pass a rescue package to get the market moving again.

As Barack Obama says there is time enough later to figure out who started this fire the object at the moment is to put it out and we are confident that Washington will not allow the US economy to fail. Also don’t forget that in these times of economic crisis there are always people with money who take advantage of the low housing prices to make a profit. Which is good new for those you are trying to sell their homes.

Most americans do not seem to want this rescue package as they see it as a bailout for those on Wall Street who, through their greed and bad regulatory practices, have got us into this mess. Yesterday the market did rebound almost 500 pts. but is down 200 pts. again today. This shows us that this rescue package is clearly necessary to revitalize the market and reassure investors that life will go on. Although things may be tight for a few months steps are already being taken to insure this situation will never occur again.

Life in Ajijic/Lake Chapala is good and the cost of living is much lower than up north. Let us all take a deep breath, not panic and trust that this too will pass.

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