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A Day in Guadalajara

We needed a specialist and tried to find one out here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. One clinic had a doctor whose grammar was bad, another had a doctor who had stopped coming out to Lakeside and the third has stopped coming out for 6 months. Therefore, it became necessary to make the run to Guadalajara.

We were able, through trusted friends, to find just the right doctor and were able to get an appointment for the same day.

After the successful visit to the doctor, all appropriate tests taken and fees paid our friends who had been kind enough to drive us into Guadalajara had a chore to attend to at Centro Comercial Andares Guadalajara. (If you wish to go to this mall you will have to Google it as I haven’t a clue where it is but I do know it is in a very nice part of town.) When we arrived at the store where they needed to pick up something we were told that the item in question would be ready in 2 hours. As we were all hungry we opted to go to P.F. Chang’s which was one of the many restaurants available to us. There are also many outdoor restaurants which we will try in the future as they too looked very good. The food was very good and I can certainly recommend the Street Noodles, the Crystal Chop and the Green Beans another popular dish was the Lo Mein.

We still had time to kill so we decided to walk around the mall. I had not seen so many designer stores since I was in New York and was delighted. I saw an adorable little white cotton DKNY dress which I thought would look great on my daughter. It was $4,999.00 pesos so we moved on. We also moved on from a wonderful Chef’s knife for my husband which was $1,800.00 pesos. I am not saying that these prices were not warranted it was just not what we are used to here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. I needed to get my mind around the wonders of Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and a host of others as I did when we lived in Toronto, Canada 17 years and happily shopped on Bloor Street.

We had to float a loan to buy a bottle of water but paid the price as it was extremely hot in the city. Two hours later we were back at the store and were told it would be another 10 min. By this time walking had become difficult and when we finally did receive the article in question almost an hour later to hoots and hollers by the owner we headed for the car in the parking lot.

I was never happier to see a vehicle in my life. It was dark by now and we drove home with the air conditioning on high and it was a delicious drive home. The whole outing took over 7 hours and as delightful and successful as it was we were all exhausted. I had golfed that morning as I had not known we were headed to Guadalajara that afternoon so I was on my feet for over 11 hours.

I am still recovering and resting quietly but feel certain I will do it again. Not anytime soon but again.

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