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A Few Facts About Mexico President Felipe Calderon

Mexican President Felipe Calderon

President Filipe Calderon Hinojosa was born August 18th, 1962 in Morelia, Michoacan and is married to Margarita and has 3 children.

President Calderon has a Bachelor;s Degree in Law and 2 Master”s Degrees in Economics and Public Administration.

Because of his legislative leadership and performance President Calderon was awarded the “NAFTA Congressional Leadership Award” from the Mexico-U S Chamber of Commerce of the “World Leaders of the Future” of the World Economic forum from 1997-2000.

President Calderon has met with both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss immigration reform, the drug wars affecting both countries and a myriad of other issues important to partners and neighbors.

He has been front and center in the H1N1 Flu outbreak emanating from Mexico City.

His party, National Action Party (PAN) is reputed to be the most conservative of the parties in Mexico.

Like President Obama he is reaching out to other world leaders in an effort to bring peace and prosperity to Mexico and is willing to listen to other points of view.

It was agreed, when he met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that the blame for the increase of the drug wars at the border was a shared responsibility. This was agreed upon largely because of the US being the exporters of 95% of the guns to Mexico and the insatiable consumption of drugs in the US.

During the H1N1 Flu outbreak he worked closely with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization) to contain and then endeavor to control the disease from spreading.

President Obama has pledged his support to Mexico and is committed to working with President Calderon to achieve their mutual goals.

I believe that we can feel very confidant going forward with the well-educated and forward thinking President Calderon at the helm.

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