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A Good Man to Know

We first met Ricardo Anguiano several years ago when we updated our kitchen due to a leak in the garage. We had not intended to update our kitchen but since the floor had to come up we figured why not?

At that time Ricardo (Tiburon) was the assistant contractor so we saw a lot of him. We were impressed by his hard work and always going the extra mile to make us happy.

Subsequently, Tiburon, has opened his own business called Shark which, ironically, is English for Tiburon.

Ricardo specializes in painting, electricity, plumbing and floor polishing but as far as we are concerned he do anything you need to get done. If he cannot do it himself he knows someone who can do and always personally oversees every job. Three years ago when my husband opened his real estate brokerage we needed some renovations done to the office space. I asked him if he knew who he wanted to do the work and he said he did not have any one particular in mind so I suggested Ricardo.

Since our kitchen renovation I had called on Ricardo for a number of small jobs not needing the expertise of a contractor and he always came promptly and got done whatever I needed for a very reasonable price.

Ricardo did the office renovation and did a great job. My husband was so pleased that he subsequently recommended Ricardo to his clients and to date all clients have been happy with his work and his prices.

Ricardo has five sons and at last a daughter and is recently a grandfather but he looks younger than my 29 year old son. He has great energy and works very hard. The last two nights he has worked until 1:00 am but is delighted to have the work and never complains. His older sons are now helping him in the business.

When we first met Ricardo his English was limited but over the years he has improved his English a lot and with my Spanglish we always seem to understand each other.

Ricardo is a multi-faceted jewel who is honest and charges reasonable prices and I always feel I get more than my money’s worth. He is reliable and he and his men always clean up after themselves very well.

I would recommend Ricardo to anyone with confidence that he will do a great job for you too.

Ricardo can be reached on his cell at 045 331 517 5116 or at his house 766-4756 in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Please use our name so you will immediately be part of the family.

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