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A Reliable High Tech Auto Machanic in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Most of us have cars and most of us are always looking for a good, reliable and honest auto machanic.

The cobblestones, albeit charming, can be very hard on one’s vehicles.

There are several good mechanics in Ajijic.  Some who are honest, some who are good some who are not so good and some who are less than honest.

Some are good for some problems but not for others.

We have found a very good, honest, high tech auto mechanic who has an amazing facility with all the right equipment to help you keep your vehicle/vehicles  running like tops.  The beauty is one does not have to go to Guadalajara to access a top notch high tech auto mechanic facility.

The name of the company is Frats and the owner is Ferdinand Reyes.

Frats is located just outside Chapala on the road to the Chapala Country Club just past the old train station on the other side of the Carratera a  San Nicholas # 38, Chapala, Jalisco.

Ferdinand can be reached at (376) 765-2505 or his cell # is”  045 331 893 4063.

He comes hightly recommended by many friends of ours who have been delighted with the prices and services Frats offers.

He is also helping the Red Cross with their ambulances which is most commendable.

We believe Frats to be the honest option which is most reassuring.

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