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A Word about the Day Time Rain

I just thought it might be a good idea to let newcomers and potential buyers know that the day time rain we are having is very unusual for our “rainy season” from June 15th – October 15th and is only temporary.

Evidently, there is a hurricane off the coast of Mexico, Beatriz, which is causing the rain we are having during the day. As I have written the “rainy season” brings us rain usually early evening and in the night and the days are bright and sunny como siempre. (As usual.)

There is a silver lining, however, brought by all this rain that is twofold. One, it is very good for the level of our beautiful Lake Chapala and, two, the warmish temperatures have dropped to a very comfortable degree. Wet but comfortable. The level of the lake is very important to our community. When the lake is down it affects real estate and when it is up, as it is now, real estate booms or at least moves.

Also another bonus is that if you look up at the Sierra Madre Mountains you will see that they have turned into the green velvet I foretold.

This is, to us, still the most beautiful season of the year here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. We were lucky enough to get our roof seen to before the rains came and have an aluminum piece plastered across our front doorway to prevent water coming into the house.

None of these small things affects our love of the “rainy season”. The flowers are blooming in gay profusion the flowering trees are wonderful and the smells are so fragrant after the rains. The storms are exciting and dramatic and the gardens love all the attention.

The hot dry month of May is over and the rains even came a week or so early so we have that much more time to enjoy this most wonderful time of year. The temperatures are perfect this time of year and all outdoor activities are greatly enjoyed or will be when the hurricane system off the coast moves on.

The beauty, of course, is even with all the rain when the sun does come out everything dries up very quickly and our lovely outdoor living continues.

So make sure your windshield washers are in good working order and buy your “rainy season” umbrella which we seldom use but buy anyway.

If you watch any of the weather reports from up north you will see that over 11 states are experiencing dangerously high temperatures and even in Toronto this week it has been over 90 degrees F.

So if we have to put up with a little more rain during the day that we are used to remember it is only temporary and we still have the best climate in the world in our beautiful village in the sun.

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