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Aguilnaldos (Christmas Bonuses)

This is the term for paying your house staff their Christmas Bonuses.  There is a complicated formula which changes on a regular basis but if you are interested in knowing the precise formula just call a reputable real estate broker.

It usually works out to two weeks’ pay.  If you have not paid any holiday pay to your staff and they have not taken any time off you can add another two weeks’ pay to this amount.

For example if you pay someone $750.00 pesos per week their combination aguilnaldo plus holiday pay would be $3,000.00 pesos.

You can also give other people who offer services to you during the year a little bonus as well.  Garbage man – $200.00 pesos, Pool Man – $200.00 pesos and anyone else you would like to whom you would like to offer a little regalito (small gift).  These amounts are totally up you to your discretion.

I also like to buy my maid, gardener and handy man a fully cooked turkey and some chocolate.  The reason I buy fully cooked turkeys is that a friend of mine told me when I was first here that a lot Mexicans do not have large ovens or even ovens at all.

We have had our maid and gardener for the 19 years we have been here.  Clearly, we are outstanding employers or just jolly lucky.  Our maid has become a part of the family and her entire courtship with her husband (the gardener’s son) took place in our outdoor laundry room.  They now have two adorable little girls.

She has watched our children grow up and always asks about them when they are not here.  I cannot imagine what I would do without her.  Right now we are busy getting ready for Navidad (Christmas) and the arrival of our children and grandchild from the states and Canada.

The aguilnaldos are due Friday, December 13th and I am sure your staff will greatly appreciate your looking after them at this time of year as they look after us all the year round.

You can also buy presents for their children if you wish and December’s El Ojo del Lago has a Special Christmas Insert on the Lakeside Orphanages.  These orphanages are another wonderful place where your gifts will be hugely appreciated.

Never was there a better application here that “it is better to give than receive”.

We are all so lucky to live in paradise and we all have so much.

Feliz Navidad!

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