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Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico Real Estate #3

Ajijic Lake Chapala, Mexico Real Estate

There are so many wonderful areas in Ajijic and we have lived in most of them. I thought I would tell you a bit about the different areas over the next few blogs.

The Village of Ajijic

We first lived right in the village in a beautiful 4 bedroom home with a garden that was full of mature fruit trees and 3 fountains. This house was very Mexican with a hacienda feel. It had a lovely outdoor terraza area where we spent most of our time enjoying the garden.

If you came to the front gate you would have no idea of what was behind the walls. It was very private with all the amenities. We did not have a view but the garden which went the full block offered hours of pleasure along with mangoes, limes, avocados, oranges, grapefruit and many other succulent wonders including assorted birds and flowers.

We loved the proximity to everything. We could walk to the centre of Ajijic where the bank is and at that time it was the only ATM in town. We could also walk to the restaurants and shops and art galleries or down to the lake to walk the dogs along the beach.

Kitty corner to our house was a small hole in the wall (literally) store which had milk, bread and other daily staples along with the best oranges we had ever eaten. The vet was 2 doors away from us which was a plus as we had inherited a mother dog and her 5 puppies with the house.

Many people love being in the heart of things but for us the one drawback was the noise.

We had a shouting gallery off the master bedroom which overlooked the street and when the vendors went by selling their wares with a hearty “Que quieres?” or the Mariachis decided to play in the street on most evenings it sounded like they were in the bedroom with us. The last 9 days of November are the Fiestas de San Andreas and fireworks go off last every night along with very loud music.

Now this music of the Mariachis or the bands on the Ajijic Square is wonderful but the party usually gets started just as were getting ready for bed.

The village of Ajijic is a wonderful place to be but if you are an early to bed type it might not be the best choice for you.

Although a lot of people really do enjoy the interaction with the Mexicans who are a warm and welcoming people and who will be your neighbors. There is no better way to learn Spanish than to live among the natives whose country we are lucky enough to enjoy.

Judy Wallis

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