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Ajijic Real Estate in Lake Chapala Mexico

Well here we are already into August 2010. Christmas is only 4 short months away and starting next month the snow birds will start flocking into Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

If you are planning to list your property now is the time to start sprucing it up for the snow birds to view. There are many things one can do to make your property look presentable.

With the rainy season upon us the mountains are morphing into green velvet and gardens are growing rapidly. Having a well groomed and cared for garden is a huge asset so now would be the time to work with your gardener getting everything trimmed and manicured. He will be able to help you as to what are good things to plant at this time to make your garden grow in gay profusion.

Look around your property to see that it is good repair and to see if a spot of paint here and there is needed.

Make sure your home is clean and welcoming and a wonderful product to make it smell nice is Febreze. Also plug in air fresheners are very good to keep your home sweet smelling. Most of us have pets and it is very important your home does not smell of the little darlings.

You can also make sure everything in your home is in good working order. Check all electric bulbs are working and your appliances are clean.

Having pretty pots of some of our lovely flowers on either side of your front door is a good idea as they not only look beautiful but the scents of these flowers such as gardenias or jasmine are very pleasant and inviting.

Make sure your carpets and upholstery are clean and there is a company called “Spring Clean” in Riberas del Pilar who will come to your home to give you estimates on cleaning furniture and broadloom. We find them to be very reasonably priced.

Have your drawers and cupboards neat and tidy as many prospective buyers like to poke around without you there with just your real estate agent in attendance.

You can also use the old trick of having cookies or bread baking in the oven which give off a wonderful aroma and makes your home very attractive. Don’t forget that you have something in the oven, however, as a burnt smell is less attractive.

Fresh cut flowers in your home are also very nice and you can buy a lovely selection at the Tiangis. (Wednesday Market).

Work with your real estate agent when getting your property ready for showings as he/she will know what small renovations will bring a higher price and what renovations will not add to the value of your home. This way if you plan on doing any minor or major renovations your money will be well spent.

Be realistic when choosing a listing price for your property as you do not wish to lose potential buyers because your home is overpriced. Again your realtor will be happy to help you make a fair and proper assessment.

Make it a family affair to get your home in order and you can all have a good time making your home as beautiful as possible. Our amazing village in the sun with the lake and mountain views, best climate in the world and kind warm people will do the rest.

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