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Ajijic Real Estate Lake Chapala Mexico

Ajijic Real Estate

It is May 1st and most of the snowbirds have gone home. April in Ajijic was a beautiful month weather wise and not as hot and dusty as it sometimes can be.

The season of the snowbirds is approximately from after US Thanksgiving in November to just before Easter in April.

This is a very busy time in Ajijic with lots of traffic and lots of people looking for properties to buy or rent and business in general is very good.

A lot of these snowbirds occupy the time of the various Ajijic Real Estate Agents without any real desire to make a decision but rather just having a look around as it were. This is fine as often they need a first visit to decide whether or not Ajijic is the place for them to either retire or to have a second home to rent out during their time up north.

The summer, however, can be a very good time for serious buyers as the Ajijic Real Estate people have more time to spend with them and also sellers can be more motivated as the bulk of the prospects for their properties have left and they are left with the sense that nothing might happen with their properties until November and the return of the snowbirds.

Ajijic realtors particularly like the summer as they know the potential buyers are serious or they would not be here during these months.

This is a very good time to get a good deal on purchasing a home in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

The traffic is less, restaurants are available without reservations and other local businesses are delighted to see you. It is possible during the summer and fall months to get a real sense of what life in Ajijic, Lake Chapala would really be like.

To date there is no H1N1 flu in Guadalajara or Ajijic so this would be a great time to come to Ajijic, Lake Chapala. to see if this is the place for you and to have the total attention of the Ajijic Real Estate Broker of your choice.

The weather is beautiful and the rainy season (the most beautiful season of the year) starts around June 15th and runs to October 15th mas o menos (more or less). Most snowbirds don’t have a chance to experience this fantastic time of year in Ajijic, Lake Chapala until they do retire or move here permanently.

Once you have experienced the rainy season (it only rains at night and the days are warm and clear and filled with the scent of flowers and flowering trees and the mountains turn a lush dark green) you will understand why we say we are lucky enough to indeed live in paradise.

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