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Ajijic Village on Lake Chapala, Mexico

Ajijic Village on Lake Chapala, Mexico

Although Ajijic has many very nice “suburbs” a lot of people enjoy living right in the village.

There are many reasons for this preference and I will outline some of them for you.

You are totally integrated with the Mexican people and certainly learn the customs and language more quickly. There is always fiestas going on as the Mexicans love family, music and food and everyone is always welcome.

You can walk to almost anywhere you wish to go which eliminates the need for a car. Taxis are always available at the Plaza for longer trips.

There are good restaurants on every street and wonderful little shops that offer everything from custom dressmaking to gifts, shoes, notions and whatever it is you might be searching for. Everyone knows everyone else and are always more than willing to help you find what you are looking for and where to procure same.

Artist’s studios are on every street corner and browsing is encouraged.

The Lake Chapala Society is located on Independencia in downtown Ajijic. This is a wonderful place to become a member and enjoy all their facilities such as the English library and video rentals ticket sales for all local events and a large cork board which one can post their ads for buying and selling and many other services. Many medical tests are offered for free along with other pertinent seminars on insurance and other necessities. LSC has been around for a very long time and certainly helps the newcomer get acquainted with the beauty and peace of life in Ajijic. Another wonderful service of LCS is their annual directory which is a treasure trove of information along with listing of most of the ex-pat community in the area.

There are body care facilities, decorating outlets, a bank with and ATM, health and vitamin shops, a post office, real estate offices for sales and rentals, and a wonderful Catholic church on the Plaza called St. Andreas.

Colon is the main shopping street down towards the lake from the carretera (main highway) which also has most of the fashionable clothing and jewelry stores. You will want to shop for the silver available here and in some places is sold by weight.

Guadalajara Farmacia, at the corner of the carretera and the street that leads to the Nueva Posada, also has an ATM and all your drugstore needs at excellent prices. You will enjoy the aroma in the mornings of their freshly baked goods. This is a good place to get your prescription drugs, sticky bun and funds for the day’s activities.

The hustle and bustle of the village is music to some people’s ears and those who live there would never think of living anywhere else.

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