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Ajijic Weather

We in Ajijic seldom talk about the weather because 90% of the time it is 75 degrees and sunny.

There is a lot of chit chat about the weather at the moment because it is cooler than usual and we are having more rain than usual in February.

Fear not.  We are supposed to have this weather for another 5 or 6 days and then the warm sunny days will return and in February.

Look at February up north is awful.  The northeast is experiencing record snowfall and cold and in Toronto this morning it was 20 below.

On the other hand my husband’s brother posted a picture on facebook golfing on February 11th in North Carolina.  This, as you might imagine, garnered a great deal of negative responses from those living in colder climes.

We should not not, however, be judged for having the good sense to choose to live in a warmer climate.

It will be several months before Spring even thinks about breaking up north and we have to wait a few days for better weather.  Having said that, our weather at it’s worse is still dramatically better than the weather up north and other parts of the world at its best.

The weather is certainly one of the main reasons we chose to move to Mexico over 20 years ago but there are so many other reasons one stays and is happy in our village in the sun.

So when we are complaining about the weather we are experiencing at the moment remember it will be back to our beautiful normal very soon.

Sunshine is good for the soul and living life outdoors is also very good for the soul and one’s peace of mind not to mention good health.

Come on down and see for yourselves how terrific life can be in Ajijic, Lake Chapala where the warmth of the Mexican people is second only to the warmth of the sun.

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