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Alex's Pasta Bar in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Alex’s Pasta Bar is located on Juan Alvarez 71, Ajijic, Jalisco (the street going towards the lake beside Farmacia Christina and their telephone # is:  (376) 766-2034

5 of 5 stars

Alex’s Pasta Bar is new in Ajijic and defines pasta as it should be defined. Alex Sgroi is an internationally known chef and has opened his Pasta Bar in Ajijic. We had to try it out. We went with friends and we were all blown away.

Alex makes the pasta fresh daily in house. He also makes all of the sauces. His wife runs the front of the restaurant although Alex comes out to check with all of the customers to make sure that they are happy with the food and service.

During the first visit, we ordered the country style pork pate and beef carpaccio as appetizers, for the main course fettuccini carbonara and the beef ravioli, and then for dessert, tiramisu. Wow, talk about fantastic.

The pasta is tasty and perfectly cooked. The filling of the ravioli is heaven. The sauce on the fettuccini is just the right amount and sticks to the pasta. The pasta is not swimming in sauce. The tiramisu was just what it should be.

The wine selections are well chosen and are reasonably priced. A bottle of wine (all selections) was 180 pesos. We were so impressed that we had to return with two of our favorite friends for a second go at the menu. We had the appetizer of prosciutto ham, pate, and hard salami accompanied by capers, diced onion and black olives on a bed of greens. Freshly baked herbed rolls served for the table along with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For the meal (which we all ended up sharing), gnocchi (this is what it is supposed to taste like), spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna, and rigatoni arabiata. This arabiata is what I always though arabiata should be. It was not an anemic sauce that left you wanting.

Not a speck of sauce remained on any of the plates. Dessert again Tiramisu and also freshly made (in house) vanilla ice cream in a red wine and fruit sauce.

Service is friendly, attentive, timely. The wait staff has obviously been trained by the owners. Wow, great food. We will go here again and again.

Reservations are a good idea: local number: 376 766 2034 cel: 33 1022 9431

Buon Appetito!

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