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Amazon in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

My son is fond of saying that whenever he gives me something new technologically I am like a penguin with a fax machine.

This started when he gave us Chromecast for our TV which not only turns your TV into a smart TV it allows you to download anything you want and view it on your TV.  I am proud to say I have mastered this device and we love it.

Also we now have Netflix and I have a proper cell phone and am loving learning how to use it.  It is so exciting to be able to text.

Whenever I needed something that were unable to purchase here I would wait until someone was coming down or I would wait until we were visiting up north.

I now have a new resource which I am very happy about.  Amazon now delivers to Mexico and in most cases your order arrives the next day.

It is very easy to open an Amazon account.  You need an email address and password and credit or debit card. After your first order they retain your information as far as address and payment options.

Not too long ago when my husband was travelling in the US he brought us home two very nice King Size Sheet sets with the mandatory thread count and made of cotton.  We have enjoyed these sheets but they are finally wearing out both at once which is surprising.

I was going to wait until I went north in June (for the birth of our fourth grandchild) to buy new ones at Winners.

My wonderful Viki who helps me at the house has mended one set in two places but the other set are shredding and are not able to be mended.

The thought of spending 4  months on ripped sheets did not appeal to me so I decided to try and order them on Amazon.  Both my son, and son-in-law have accounts with Amazon and both have offered for me to use their accounts with my own credit card of course.

This gave me the sense that it was not that easy to open an account and make an order.  Clearly this is not the case and the order was made and the amount is already off my credit card.

I ordered two set of King Size sheets one in white and one in ivory and they also had sand and stone.

The categories at Amazon cover most areas of goods one would need.

I am anxious to see how long my order takes to arrive as is says between Feb. 22 and March 15 but most people seem to receive their orders the next day.

I have shopped online before (I am not a complete idiot) and must admit so far I enjoyed this experience and it nice to know it is another resource to obtain necessary goods.

Their web site is:

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