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An Average Day in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

An Ajijic Sunrise

This morning I woke up and looked at the two dogs in my bed with me all warm and cozy (my husband had left the house at his usual time of 7:15am to have coffee and solve the world’s problems with his cronies) and I thought again how very lucky we are to be living in paradise.

I got up fed the dogs, did my morning straitening up chores (not any heavy duty cleaning, of course, because we are lucky enough to have maid 5 days a week) had my vitamins and happily began my day filled with the spirit of Navidad that is everywhere in Ajijic. Lake Chapala punctuated by Poinsettas in full bloom “making the eyes gorw fat” which is a Jamaican expression for visual beauty.

I opened my laptop, logged in and surfed my daily websites taking care of business.

I then went out for my almost daily walk and was amazed and delighted once again with the clear blue sky and balmy weather which was even more special this morning as the weather up north is horrible with lots of ice and snow storms not unusual, of course, for this time of year. CNN is a part of my morning ritual as I like to find out who is doing what to whom.

I came home, had a shower, and dressed for my daily shopping trip. I tried to get money at the ATM at Superlake but it was not giving out money so I drove to Guadalajara Farmacia in downtown Ajiic and extracted funds there. I returned to Superlake and made the necessary purchases for the day. I am now shopping at both Superlake and Walmart depending on what is on my list and where the best savings can be procured.

I remember in Canada I did grocery shopping only once a week and rarely went to the specialty shops in Toronto for imported items as one had to float a loan to buy at them. I do, however, miss the President’s Choice products and recipes which we still use to this day. One of our favorites is a mushroom beef affair served on rice which we lovingly named Mushroom Horse S—.

Miraculously, I was able to get everything on my list today (except of course the detour to obtain funds) which is highly unusual but nonetheless satisfying.

I came home to wait for the hombre to bring back my ailing dishwasher which allegedly is clogged with soap which caused the flooding of my kitchen (twice). This happened after I had to fix the garbage disposal unit in the sink, buy a new fridge because my old one needed a new compressor which was more expensive (almost) than a new fridge which had to be a specific size to fit the alcove designed for the previous unit as I did not feel like Navidad in Ajijic, Lake Chapala was a good time to be renovating my kitchen.

The dryer then gave out but as we inherited it with one of our first house almost fifteen years I could not feel too bad until I got the bill for the new timer that is. Lastly is the aforementioned dishwasher (an essential item in a household of 6).

As I sit here contemplating what to feed the household of 6 tonight I reflect how much I love my life here and have loved every minute of every day (even with the odd frustration) since we moved to Ajijc, Lake Chapala almost 15 years ago.

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