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Appliances in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Appliances In Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Buying appliances in Canada was a bit of a challenge to say the least. So many appliance stores to chose from and if you did find something you liked at a price you were willing to pay the delivery date was somewhere off in the distant future.

Here in Ajijic, I am happy to say, it is a very different story.

On Friday of last week I was preparing to cook my family’s favorite dinner which is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I had everything prepared including the batter for the Yorkshires, the butter ball for the homemade gravy, potatoes and Brussels sprouts ready and in their pots. Then I seasoned my lovely standing rib roast and turned on the oven to preheat it. The oven which has worked perfectly the day before did not turn on and this was at 2:00 pm on a Friday afternoon. There was no chance of getting an electrician to come at that time in time to fix the oven to cook the roast and when they did arrive at 6:00 pm I was told it was impossible to repair.

Fortunately, when my husband came home he cut the roast into steaks and we had those with mashed potatoes (not the lovely around the roast potatoes I had planned) and the Brussels sprouts. It was very good. But my son is still mourning the lack of Yorkshires.

Next came the problem of trying to get a new stove before the onset of Pascua which closes the entire village of Ajijic for almost two weeks. How was I going to cook the leg of lamb I had already ordered for Easter Sunday?

Our wonderful contractor who had given us the bad news about our stove not being able to e repaired came up with a solution. We could go to Tio Sam’s on the libramiento and he could get us a sizable discount and if we were lucky we could have a new stove up and running before everything closed for the holidays.

We proceeded to Tio Sam’s first thing today and sure enough they could get a new stove for us by Wednesday at a very agreeable price with a broiler (not always easy to come by but essential for our culinary needs). We ordered it on the spot and our contractor came home with me to make sure the new unit would fit the allotted space in our kitchen.

As if turned out our ordered unit was l/2 an inch too wide and the only other unit Tio Sam could offer us was $400.00 more than I wanted to spend. All was not lost as the English speaking person at Tio Sam’s called the manufacturer and they said they could show our contractor how to install it by removing some unnecessary part of the new stove.which would make it fit.

Our contractor will pick up and deliver the new stove to us on Wednesday and, hopefully, install it without incident and take away our now defunct unit.

So all things being equal we should have a new stove installed and working in a matter of a few days and because of his discount at a price we are very happy with. All things are possible in our beautiful village in the sun of Ajijic.

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