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Arguably the Best Climate in the World

The first day we arrived in Hillsboro, NC it snowed.  Granted the snow did not stay on the ground long but it snowed nonetheless.  It has been many years since we saw snow and certainly can happily do without it.

In Abdingdon, Virginia we had heavy rain storms and fog and cool dreary weather most days.  Let me hasten to add that this weather did in no way diminish the enjoyment of our family Christmas.  I think we had two nice days out of 8 and we certainly not used to wearing so many layers of clothes.  Fortunately, we had wood fires burning from morning to night which were charming and gave off some lovely heat.

The last day in North Carolina there was frost and we had to clean off the windshield with a credit card.

Also while we were driving from the cabin in Virginia back to North Carolina there was a pea soup fog for most of the way.

We flew into Guadalajara and were very happy to be home albeit we had had a wonderful Christmas vacation.  It is very beautiful flying into Guadalajara with all the lights and stepping off the plane into warm weather.

Our bags were at the carousel before we were and we got the green light and were home to our happy puppies in no time.

But I digress we were talking about the wonderful climate o Ajijic, Laka Chapala.

I put away our scarves, gloves, boots, warm slippers, sweaters, long pants, coats etc.  The sun was shining and although it was a little cool we did not need all the warm clothes we needed up north.  We were outside immediately the next day and every day since we have been home.  We love the weather here and feel very lucky to be living in arguable the best climate in the world.

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