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Auto Service in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

If you have a car you are going to have problems with it sooner or later that require service.

We have been using Robert at the Llantero beside Superlake since we have been here.  His brother, Oscar Hernandez, is working with him now and we have been very happy with his service and level of commitment.

Last fall I had  one of our cars repainted and refurbished by Junior’s Auto Body on the carretera across from Maskaras Clinic.  While they had the car I had them check the brakes and suspension and also wanted them to fix the clasp on the glovebox.

Although they did an outstanding job on repainting it and fixing the leather interior they did not fix the brakes or the glovebox and I was told they put 4 new shock absorbers on the car.

Recently I took the car back to Roberto as I wanted to make sure it was in tip top condition before I loaned it to my daughter and her husband until they purchased their own vehicle.  As is turns out the shocks where dated 2007 and were in very bad conditioner so Junior’s either put used shocks on the car or did nothing.

It cost me a lot to have new shocks installed and the suspension front and back fixed.

Then I tried to start the car and it did not start.  It needed a new battery.  Oscar came to the house to pick it up on a Saturday and brought it back on Monday complete with new battery and guarantee.   i was very happy with this service.

I told Raul at Junion’s about the used shock situation and asked for a rebate but was told the 3 month guarantee was up.  I will continue to use Junior’s for body work but never again for any other repairs.

Oscar Hernandez can be reached at 766-0612 or 045 331 293 4351.  Like Roberto his English is excellent.

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