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Automobile Maintenance in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Automobile Maintenance from Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

When we were first here 15 years ago we were told to buy a Volkswagen or Nissan as it would be easier to get parts.

Things have changed for the better over the years and now all makes and models can be purchased and properly serviced.

For years anything to do with our cars was left to Spencer Shulman at S&S Auto on the carretera next to Puritan Poultry. (765-4800)

We bought a car from Spencer and were looked after beautifully and we still have our car insurance with him. If, God forbid, you do have an accident they are right here and look after everything for you. Spencer, of course, is fluent in Spanish and English. Spencer sells all makes and models of new and used cars and is extremely professional and knowledgeable about cars and motorcycles. S&S also rents cars.

S & S Auto used to do all of our maintenance and repairs to but they stopped this service over a year ago. The good news is their wonderful English speaking mechanic, Juan Carlos Escalera Montoya, opened his own shop across the road from S&S Auto which is called Escalera. (765-4424). An oil change there will run you about $300.00 pesos and if you book in advance it will take about 20 minutes. Juan Carlos handles all kinds of service and repairs. Juan Carlos is perhaps not the cheapest shop in town but he is reliable and does know what he is doing.

Before Juan Carlos we used to take our cars to Francisco who works out of his home across the road from Maskaras Clinic. I remember once he could not find a part necessary for our Jeep so he made the part and it lasted for a couple of months until the part could be found in Guadalajara.

In the same location is Estilo Junior’s body shop. We have often used the services of Raul Gonzalez at Junior’s and he has always done a good job for us and a good price. (765-4477)

There is another garage we use which used to only be a llantera (tire shop) and that is Roberto’s Llantera beside Superlake. Beto (who speaks English) now does all manner of service and repairs and is very reasonable. (766-0612)

If you have a foreign plated car Parker Insurance on the carretera on the way to Chapala will look after you. (765-4666)

Everything has improved in the 15 years we have been here and looking after whatever car you own is one of those most welcome improvements.

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