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Autumn in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Monday is October 15th and the official end of the rainy season.

Our next season is also absolutely delightful. Autumn in Ajijic, Lake Chapala is wonderful. It is quiet (the snow birds usually start to come after US Thanksgiving which is November 22nd this year) the temperatures are dropping so it is very comfortable and lovely for sleeping.

The next six weeks or so are peaceful and relaxing. One can do their Christmas shopping in stores that are not crowded and dining out is also easy as there is room for everyone. One can walk around the village and take in the sights and get onto the carretera without a ten minute wait. The yellow flowers are going to appear soon on the mountains heralding winter is on the way which is the favorite season of most Mexicans.

I must admit it is nice to occasionally need a sweater or sweatshirt and many get logs real and fake for their fireplaces. It does not really get chilly at night until December or January and last year we did not put the extra comforter on our bed once.

I do have a coat that I wore a few times last season and surprisingly it rained for most of February which is unheard of. My son and his wife had planned their wedding in February so they could get married in the garden of La Nueva Posada outside with the guests looking at the sunset. Thanks to the internet we were able to know exactly when the sunset would be on the chosen day.

This, of course, did not come to pass but they did get married inside in the dining room which had been transformed with candles and elegant decorations to a magical romantic wonderland by the very talented Michael Eager Jr. and his staff.

Naturally, when all of our company that had come for the wedding from Canada and the US had, the sun came out and shone brightly.

Sometimes it does rain a little in January but this is so rare they Mexicans have a name for it which is “cabanueles”.

I love this time of year as things start to get exciting planning for the holidays and looking forward to seeing friends and family from the frozen north.

This is the lull before the storm, as it were, but we do love all the seasons here in our amazing village in the sun.

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