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Bancomer in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  Bancomer in Ajijic, Lake Chapala is really trying to be more helpful to expats and I certainly had a very positive experience both last Friday and again on Monday.

I needed to open an account and went after finding out what documents were required.  I arrived at the bank mid afternoon on Friday armed with my passport, Mexican immigration status and proof of address (comprobante de domilicio).

A very nice girl met me at the door of the bank (which is located at Hidalgo and Colon in downtown Ajijic on the plaza) and asked me how she could help me.  I told her I needed to open an account and she asked if I had the required papers which I showed to her.  She asked me to take a seat and just a moment later I was escorted to see David (who speaks English) and he set about fulfilling my wishes.  The types of accounts available to me where outlined and I made my selection and the process was very quick and very painless.

This is not the usual experience one has at the bank.

As I had another appoinment I did not have time to organize online banking for this new account so David suggested I come back Monday which I did in the morning.

Again a lovely girl asked how she could be of service and I was, again, escorted in to see David who remembered me and got my online banking up and running in minutes. He asked me for my passport which I did not have but did have my Mexican driver’s license which was readily accepted.

The entire bank has been redecorate and is peaceful and clean and the service is vastly improved.

You can reach the bank in Ajijic at (376) 766-2154 or in Chapala at (376) 765-7701.

I came home and tried the online banking to make sure it works and it does perfectly.

I am very happy and I think you will be too.  The only suggestion I would make is to call first tell them what you are trying to accomplish and make sure you have the correct paperwork with you.

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