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Banking ATM's in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Things are certainly changing for the better with regard to banking in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. When we were first here 23 years ago you had a choice of an ATM at Bancomer in downtown Ajijic or several banks that had ATM’s in Chapala. More than once over the years one or more of these machines ate my credit card and it would take weeks to replace it especially if your credit card was from Canada or the US. I finally got a debit card from Bancomer and I am jolly glad I did. On Friday, Walmart’s Bancomer’s ATM ate my card and, of course, the staff at Walmart will do nothing to help you.  They did give me a phone # for which I did not hold out much hope.  I cannot speak for other Mexican banks but Bancomer do seem to be doing everything possible to make your life easier. I called the phone # and asked to speak to someone who spoke English.  A few minutes later Ulysses Ramirez came on the line and gave me instructions what to do to get  new debit card that day.  This was unheard of in Ajijic in days gone by and I was skeptical.  He said first he would cancel my card so I was protected and then he asked me a few security questions to make sure it was me. One of the questions was what was the expiry date on my debut card and I said I did not know because I did not have it.  Other than that things went quite smoothly. He said he would give me a report # and I should take that #, my debit card # and my passport to the bank and the bank would replace my card that day which they did.  I was thrilled even though I had devised a Plan B in my mind. I did have another account with a debit card so I would have transferred some money into that account. The phone # for someone to help you with Bancomer is 01 800 226 2663.  I am sure the other banks might have similar help #’s in place for their customers. I am very happy about getting my new debit card the same day but I still worry if one of my Canadian cards gets eaten. Also it c an be difficult to get funds at an ATM from your Client Card from up north.  I have found that Multiva does offer this service for only $46.00 pesos.  Theres a Multiva ATM in Superlake in San Antonio, Tlayacapan and across the street from Gossips restaurant on the overpass in downtown Ajijic. Having a local debit card is definitely a safety net for eaten cards.

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