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Baptism (Bautismo) in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Last Sunday we were honored to attend the Baptism of two of our grandchildren at the large church in Ajijic Plaza, San Andreas.

We have been to many church events including Baptisms, renewing of vows, Weddings etc.

We have always enjoyed our time spent in San Andreas and last Sunday was no exception.

It was a lovely ceremony followed by the Baptism and we could not have been prouder.

The music and singing was beautiful and I always love the peace and gratefulness that washes over me in church.

We invited good friends to join us as well for the Baptism and lunch following at the home of the parents as we thought the would enjoy this cultural and religious experience and they did very much.

After the Baptism there was picture taking in the beautiful church courtyard and then on to lunch.

Lunch was prepared by family members and it was delicious and we all had lots of fun watching the kids play and enjoying a glass of wine.

One of the first experiences we had on coming to Mexico was a Baptism in Jocotepec.   We had hesitated about attending but were assured all were welcome and it was yet another example of the warmth and inclusion of the Mexican people we have grown to love.

It was a lovely day and, being my ripe old age, it is reassuring to know that our grandchildren will be welcomed into heaven.

San Andreas has a mass in English on Sundays.

I am  sure you will enjoy this very old and very beautiful church.

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