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Bazar de Barbara

Bazar de Barbara or Barbara’s Bazaar has been in business here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for a very long time.  The owner, Tommy Thompson, is very experienced and professional and we have dealt with him many times over the years.

They are located on Independencia #7 in downtown Ajijic and their phone # is (376) 766-3636 or(376) 766-1824

When we were moving from our big house down the street I did not know what I was going to do with all of our excess furnishings and a friend  suggested I call Barbara’s Bazaar.  Tommy came to my house himself and together we figured out what was salable and what was not.  He took way all items I did not wish to transport to our new house and them when we moved to the new house he arrived to take away anything from that house that I did not want.

Tommy made the entire process extremely easy and then for the next few weeks I would drop into his facility and collect money.

They pick up your items give you and inventory (inventario) take them back to their facility and do any repairs necessary in order to better exhibit the items you wish to sell.  You can even give them electronics that do not work and they will either fix them or sell them as is for some other handy person to have at.

Tommy also has a great experience in estate sales and will do everything necessary to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your household goods at the best price possible.  He advertises the event and makes sure it is well attended and a success in every way.

This morning I again had a small need for his services.  I got a new stove and wanted to sell my old one.  It was only 5 years old and, therefore, I did not wish to give it away.  I thought of putting an ad up at Superlake in San Antonio Tlayacapan or at Lake Chapala Society but then thought of the many phone calls and people trooping through our home and possibly organizing delivery and I decided a simple phone call to Barbara’s Bazaar was clearly the answer.

I called them 2 days ago to arrange pick up and they called today to confirm and were here ahead of schedule (something of a miracle in Mexico) and took away my stove and left me the appropriate receipt.  Quick, clean and efficient.


We did discuss price but I was happy to leave it to Tommy as I know from experience he will price it fairly.  He, naturally, takes a small commission for his service which I am always happy to pay.  Well maybe not happy but resigned.

You can also drop in to Barbara’s Bazaar and take a look at what they have to sell.  They have everything under the sun including the proverbial kitchen sink.  A lot of people make it a habit to drop in frequently as good quality items go quickly.

So if you are looking for a Whirlpool Gas Stove with Manual, 5 years old in excellent condition – today is your lucky day.

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