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Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell – Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Michael and Lorraine Kulig have started a site on Facebook which already has over 1,300 members.  This site can be very useful if you need to get rid of some stuff or are moving back up north, or if you need to find something or trade for something you might want.

They have everything you can imagine from jewelry to cars, appliances, books, furniture, knickknacks, clothes, virtually anything for the home you can imagine.Prices are very reasonable and yoy have to be a member to access their posts.  They have a new feature to expedite delivery, posting, buying and selling. Go to Facebook and type in Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell – Lake Chapala Jalisco, Mexico and click on become a member.

Things sell very quickly as memebers check posts every day and all recent posts show up on your facebook page.

Glasses, china, luggage are available and the these are only a few of the items available.

There are many ways to buy and sell but i think you will find this is a very quick and easy system of dealing with your buy, sell and barter needs.

Give it a try!

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