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Being Resourceful in Mexico

Type A personalities, of whom I am one, seem to have the most difficulty in settling in to the “manana” or slower way of life here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

I find the expression that “there is more than one way to skin a cat” very useful although a friend of mine once asked ”why do you need more than one way?” Here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and probably other parts of Mexico too one does need to be resourceful as the first way you try to solve a problem or “challenge” may not always work out.

This week our Weber BBQ would not stay lit. This was a potential disaster alone because my husband loves to BBQ every Sunday. Fortunately, we still had our old charcoal BBQ and some charcoal so disaster was averted. I knew if I valued my life I would have the Weber up and running (or cooking) by this Sunday.

Second the door lock on the door to our garage from our laundry room was not working. We use that door about 20+ times a day so this was also a major inconvenience.

The overhead fan in our bedroom was making a banging noise that would not let me sleep. My husband could sleep through a plane taking off in our bedroom so clearly this was more of an issue for me.

Lastly our oven would not light. The burners were fine but the oven not so much.

I called our usual handyman who is very busy on a renovation for our neighbors. He came three days later and said the BBQ needed a new part, the oven he could not fix, the lock and ceiling fan he would deal with later.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I called Tio Sam where we bought the stove and they said they would organize a service call and let me know when the technician was available to come to my house. That was 2 days ago. So I called another free-lance technician and he came the next day and said he would order the necessary parts and let me know when he could fix it. That was yesterday. I called him again this morning and am waiting for the callback his father assured me would be forthcoming.

I called Weber and asked if they could help with the regulator which was the necessary part to fix the BBQ. They told me they knew a plumber who knew about this particular problem our model of Weber had and gave me his phone #. I called and he said he could come Monday. Then he called me this morning and said he could come today (Friday). He did so and the BBQ is now fixed which will make my husband very happy.

Our maid who has been with us for the almost 19 years we have been here fixed the door lock by turning it around as the outside key worked fine but the inside key did not.

I fixed the fan in the bedroom by tightening it up and now it is almost silent. Hopefully, nothing more will be required.

Now I am just waiting to get the parts necessary to fix our oven. I might mention that it is the exact same 2 parts that we had installed 9 months ago with a 90 day warranty.

All in all it has been a very good day.

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