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Benno Computer Solutions

Although I have not availed myself of this service I have heard many good things about them.

When we were first here in 1994 getting our old Apple computer (signed by Steve Jobs) up and running was a challenge.

Since then there are a number of techies to help you with whatever device you happen to have.

Several will come to your house and others you have to take your computer, tablet etc. to them. I have used New World Technologies in the Plaza de Bugambilias at the bottom of the stairs going to the movie theatres and have been happy with them. I deal with Ana Bertha there. Their phone # is (376) 766-4343. They have technicians who will come to your house.

Also there is a person called Beto (376) 766-2823 cell 045 331 016 4739. I have used Beto and he also will come to your home or office.

The person to deal with Benno Computer Solutions is Justin Everest who is an I.T. Specialist. Justin is located on the Carretera Oriente #24 (half a block west from OXXO) in San Antonio Tlayacapan. He has a web site: and his email address is: The telephone # is (376) 766-5933 and they are open Monday to Thursday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

In the early days if my children or one of their friends could not fix our computer we were in trouble.

Now we have choices and all of the above recommendations are familiar with all types of computers, tablets etc.

This is all part of our infrastructure getting better and being able to accommodate all of our IT needs. With the information highway running happily through most of our homes and businesses it is nice to know we can keep everything in tip top running order with little or not down time.

One can now live almost anywhere in the world and conduct business from wherever they are as long as you have access to good IT people.

This, of course, is another good reason to move or retire to Mexico knowing it can be business as usual but in the beautiful warm sunshine sitting on your terraza with a fantastic view of Lake Chalapa or the ever changing Sierra Madre Mountains.

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