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Best Doctors Group Health Plan

Although we are Canadian and do have access to excellent free health care in Canada we thought it might make some sense to have some additional health insurance here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.  The reason for this was if we had some medical emergency that pre-cluded us getting back to Canada for treatment we would not be wiped out financially.

I started to do some research on what was available by contacting my doctor, Dr. Carlos Garcia at Maskaras, and the Eager family, owners of the Nueva Posada and both sources came up with the same result.

It was suggested that  I contact Marie Dwyer-Bullock to find our more about her group health plan and whether or not we were eligible for such a plan.

I sent her an email at: or you could call her at 319 (376) 766-3987 or 331 319 0118.  Also you can check out the website:

As it turns out, so far we have not yet completed the application process or received the policy, this group health plan would appear to have everything we are looking for at a very reasonalble annual premium of $1,091.00 US with a deductible of $3,000.00 US.

You may choose your own doctor and hospital from a very extensive list and the coverage is world-wide except the US.  There are too many benefits to outline in this blog but if you contact Marie she is very happy to answer all of your questions to see is this group plan is right for you.

You need to be living in Mexico for at least 6 months of the year and have proof of address as well as a valid passport and your Mexican status such as residente permanente or temporale or inmigrado etc.

The policy goes until you are 74 and 11 months old but there is a renewal option after that age with some nominal requirements.

If you are under 64 you do not need any medical tests of any kind but if you are over 64 you need some blood tests which are outlined to you and that you can have done at Maskaras for a negotiated fee of about $780.00 pesos.

You first need to become a member of Focus on Mexico which has many perks in its own right such as a discount card for many local businesses.  The annual memberhsip fee for Focus on Mexico is $60.00 US for the first year and $51.00 US every year after that.  Once you have become a member of Focus on Mexico you can make your application for Best Doctors Group Health Plan.  If you are not acdcepted by Best Doctors your membership will be refunded to you.

Marie will send you everything you need and everything for the most part can be done online.

You can visit Valerie at Blue Angel Insurace Solutions at Plaza Interlago #21 behind the Pemex on the Libramiento Ajijic – Chapala # 132.  You can call her at (376) 766 0547 to make an appointment or email Valerie at: (Blue Angel is the agent for Best Doctors.)

Blue Angel is also at Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic every Friday from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Pre-existing conditions can be covered with this plan after 12 months.

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