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Best Doctors Health Insurance in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I recently had a medical situation which required action.  I went to my doctor here, Dr. Carlo Garcia, at the Maskaras Clinic, on the Carretera Hidalgo 79G in Riberas del Pilar on the way t Chapala.  Tel. (376) 765-4805.

We were trying to get to the bottom of some recent pain so we started with a pelvic x-ray and when we did not get enough information from this an MRI was ordered in Guadalajara.  This gave us all the information we needed and none of it was good.

I was immediately referred to Dr. Gonzalez who is head of Orthopedics and Traumatology also at Maskaras Clinic.

On review of my x-ray and MRI results he ordered an epidural asap in Guadalajara at Del Carmen Hospital.

Medications were prescribed for the pain and I carried on with my life.

We are insureed with Best Doctors here in Ajijic and we have the minimum coverage for $1,400.00 US per year with a $3,900.00 US deductible.  As it turns out my condtion is not covered but what they do offer is an expert opinion from their team in the US.

I sent all my imaging discs and questionnaires to them and they came back very quickly with a very comprehensive and thorough assessment of the situation and the best treatment offered