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Bill Paying in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Bill paying in Ajijic, Lake Chapala has come a long way since we moved here in 1994.

It was one of the many charming challenges that one faces when one moves to paradise.

For example your CFE bill (electric bill)  had to be found before you could pay it.  There were a number of different possible locations, none of them easy to find, which moved around from time to time.  Once you did find and procure said CFE bill you were euphoric and then you had to schelp to Chapala to pay it.  We also had to go the Chapala to pay our phone bill as there was no Telmex yet in Ajijic.

Paying property taxes was always a challenge until they centralized it in Chapala at the Registro offices. (I have bogged about how to pay your propertu taxes).

Paying your yearly refrendo on your car can now be done online but I still find it easier to use the services of S and S Auto on the carretera beside Puritan Poultry on the way to Chapala.

Paying parking tickets, if you were unlucky enough to incur one) was very difficult.  Where you could pay them also seemed to move around.  The last place I paid a ticket was on the street behind the market in Chapala down a long dark corridor.

The other day I realzied some very good news.  Now you can pay your phone bill, CFE bill, parking tickets and many other bills at OXXO,  Soriana in Chapala, 7 Eleven and Comercial Mexicana.  You must, of course, have your bill with you but this is a great convenience which makes bill paying much easier.

Also many bills can also be paid online.  Talk to your bank and they will help you set up this service.

Life has always been wonderful here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala but it is nice not to have to play cat and mouse with your bill paying.

This is what I call progress.

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