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Bragging Rights

On Friday my husband and I were invited to play in a private golf tournament put on my very dear friends of ours at Chula Vista Golf and Country Club.

This is the third such tournament and we always enjoy it very much. This year there were 12 teams of two divided by handicap A or B players. A’s playing with B’s.

As I had not played for several months I was a little apprehensive at the beginning but everyone was clearly there to have fun so I soon relaxed. Also the format was a Scramble so there was no pressure. I was lucky enough to draw a very talented player and we all started off on different holes.

I am very familiar with Chula Vista and have played there for many years. Naturally, my first drive was awful but over the course of the eighteen holes I made some golf shots that I was very proud of including a twenty foot eagle putt. My partner was very consistent and wherever possible got the ball on the green.

It reminded me of when I am lucky enough to play with my husband who is a wonderful 5 handicap golfer. When I play a Scramble format with him I am hitting the ball from lies I have never seen before.

Basically a Scramble is you both hit the ball and the next shot is played by both players from whichever is the best location to the hole. I am happy to say that many of my golf shots were used.

I had a wonderful day and we shot even par for the 18 holes. I went to wash my hands after the event and when I came back to the table I asked my husband “who won” and to my great delight he said “you did”.

I was thrilled and my partner and I received beautiful big bronze trophies of golfers in full swing. The trophies were male golfers but beautiful nonetheless.

I now have my first place trophy in the living room on top of the TV set and it gives me great pleasure to look at it.

When our daughter came home from London this morning she asked” Oh, did Dad win another tournament” I replied “No, I did!” It is not often I have golf bragging rights but I am sure going to enjoy this win for a long time to come.

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