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Buying a Mexico Home

If you’ve been thinking about moving south and enjoying a luxury lifestyle while you live in Mexico or on the beach, this might be the time to start thinking about it and take some action. Whether you are considering a Mexico Retirement, or relocating here from any other reason current conditions have made buying a home in Mexico and ideal choice.

If you are considering retirement it is a very important to know that Mexico was given the #1 rating in International Living’s Global Retirement Index for the years 2007-2008. Here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala things have only improved in the last two years. This means that it’s not only as good as retiring in the U.S. or other countries; it is, in fact, better. Besides being right next door to the U.S., with quick, an inexpensive and easy flights home (albeit a tad intrusive if you opt for the pat down), the cost of living in Mexico is very low, as are taxes –property taxes, sales taxes etc.

Modern state of the art health care is available for a fraction of the price in the U.S. and health insurance (full coverage) is available very inexpensively.

These advantages are great for retirement but they are also real bonuses for anyone considering living in Mexico.

Here are the top 3 reasons to live in Mexico, whether for retirement of other reasons:

The first reason to come to Mexico is affordability. High quality properties are available for around $250,000.00 US. Those looking for something to suit a smaller budget, or an excellent investment opportunity, can find land with all the necessary services for as low as $55,000. US where you can design and have your own dream home built.

If you want to live in complete comfort, you can do well with $2,000.00 US per month, and if a simpler lifestyle is appealing to you, your budget can be even less than this. The value of the peso is low right now – it’s been hovering around 12.25 to the US dollar. This means that your money will last you a lot longer here – longer than it used to in Mexico, and much longer than it would back home.

The second reason is the “buyer’s market” which was created during the recession. While some people feel that we are now coming out of the recession, many American buyers have not yet regained full confidence in taking the step to purchase another home. But this situation means that the properties geared towards foreign buyers are available in large numbers. Considerable price reductions are still being offered on original asking prices. But this situation won’t last forever; once buyers from the U.S. regain their real estate confidence, these opportunities will quickly disappear. The advantages of buying a home in Mexico are becoming known to more people, in any parts of the world. With the exception of these recent reductions, property values have been very stable in Mexico, with healthy increase. Mexico homes also show every sign of being one of the first markets to recover from the price slumps from the recession. A few buyers who know how to identify super opportunities are the ones who have been buying in Mexico over the past years and a half.

Living in Mexico is safe, comfortable and neighborly. Main stream media likes to cash in on big news stories and blow them out of proportion (this is true of anywhere) and has consequently painted a very negative image of Mexico which even people who should know better have bought into. While drug related violence is a real problem along the US border, which the Mexican government is fighting hard to end, most of Mexico is further away and less affected by this than many parts of the U.S.

Day to day life in Mexico is very secure. While many homes are available in private gated communities, some Americans choose to live in other types of communities and feel safer than in many U.S. cities. There are always American neighbors around, as well as many from Canada, Europe and many other places especially here in our wonderful ex-pat community of Ajijic, Lake Chapala. The Mexicans are a very warm and friendly people who also make wonderful neighbors.

If you’ve ever thought about buying a home in Mexico, whether for retirement or just to enjoy life, stop thinking about. Find a good real estate broker and start looking for your new home today.

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