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Bye Bye 2012 Hello 2013

The festive season is over and we were greeted with 3 days of unseasonal rain. The welcome sun has now returned. For some, decorations are put away but others wait until Three Kings Day (January 6th) before they dismantle their gay manifestations of Christmas cheer. As I mentioned in previous blogs we were lucky our tree lasted until Christmas as we had put it up in November for our California relatives who could only visit then.

We have everything put away and are very happy to be slowly getting back to normal. This also means less rich food and less wine with every meal including breakfast. Exercise regimens are resumed and the battle to lose the “holiday weight” begins in earnest. We did not go north this year and did, of course, miss some friends and family members, but we had a wonderful time here with friends who visited from the US and family who are here. It was quieter than we are used to but very personal and warm and we decided quiet was not horrible.

Business is still good for which we are very grateful and are hopeful it will be a great 2013 for everyone.

The last few days I was watching the ‘Fiscal Cliff” fiasco in the US and it did get resolved January 1st at the 12th hours.

We did not watch as many Christmas movies as usual and this was the first Christmas Eve in decades that we did not watch Alistair Sim’s “A Christmas Carol”. The reason for that was that we stayed up until 3:00 am Skyping with our son and his wife in Toronto.

We had lots of leftovers and have done little cooking in the last week giving us all a chance to regroup and clean out the fridge.

We are still finding pine needles and tinsels bits and know it will take time to rid ourselves totally of these pesky hangerons.

Naturally, our bedroom TV remote and my car needed fixing but we had to wait until January 2nd to get anything accomplished. The remote is now fixed as is the car and the passenger door even opens from the inside which is very exciting.

Tomorrow my husband and I are golfing with friends which in itself, is a Christmas miracle.

We hope you all had a pleasant and warm festive season and hope that feeling continues into the New Year and we wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2013.

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