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Cafe Illy

Pancho’s lastest innovation to delight his customers is a coffee shop at the front of his store, Superlake which is located in San Antonio Tlayacapan east of Ajijic. Tel. (376) 766-0174.

I previously blogged about his new homemade pizzas which come in the following choices: Hawaiana, Margarita, Italian, Vegetarian and 3 Meats. The cost is $79.00 pesos for one pizza and $130.00 for two. They take 15 to prepare and this new little café is a wonderful idea where you can sit and have a coffee or chat with friends while you wait.

You can either have them cook it for you or you can take it home and cook it yourself in a 180 F. oven for about half an hour.

Cafe Illy has regular and decaf hot drinks:

Expresso $22.00 pesos Espresso Doble 32.00 Capuccino 28.00 Latte 30.00 Moka 34.00 Americano 18.00 Add your favorite flavor $8.00 Chai Latte 26.00 Hot Chocolate 28.00 Hot Tea 24.00 Hot Tizana 26.00


Coffee Toffee Freeze 28.00 Chocolate Chunk Freeze 28.00 Matcha Green Tea 28.00 Chai Freeze 28.00

Cold Drinks

Iced Tea 26.00 Iced Tizana Tea 30.00

All drinks are made to order and are well worth waiting for.


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