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Cairo Cafe

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting restaurants in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and this week our daughter found one on the Plaza Ajijic located on Parroquia # 1. The cell phone # for Cairo Café is 045 331 044 1441.

Cairo Café has a wonderful authentic fresh Mediterranean menu.

Appetizers include: Hummus (chick peas, tahini, garlic and lemon), Babaghaouj (eggplant, garlic, tahini), Falafel (fava beans crushed with onion, parsley and spices), Tabuleh (salad of parsley, tomato, onion, bulgar and olive oil), Fattoush (mixed salad topped with toasted pita, dressing) Labneh (homemade thickened yoghurt with mint and olive oil) Yoghurt Salad (yoghurt, cucumber, olive oil) Fried Eggplant (with garlic, pepper, tomato and spices), Messa’aha (fried eggplant and potato, onion, pepper and tomato), Potatoes Cairo ( fried potato with special spice), Egyptian Salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion and vinegar). Prices range from 30 to 60 pesos.

Sandwiches include: Shawerma (beef or chicken with pita or flat bread), Kofta (a skewer of grilled seasoned ground meat with pita), Egyptian Fajita (beef or chicken with pita or flat bread), Cleopatra (grilled chicken breast served on a baguette), Falafel Burger (falafel served on a bun with tahini, salad and fries), Kofta Burger (grilled beef burger, served on a bun with fries), Chicken Pane (chicken breast breaded and fried served on a baguette), Chicken Liver (chicken liver grilled with onion, pepper and garlic), Viagra (grilled shrimp, crab, mozzarella, pickle and sauce), Horus (fried breaded shrimp and crab), Fish Filet (breaded fillet served on a baguette). Prices range from 40 t0 80 pesos.

Main Courses include choice of 2 (hummus, babaghanoj, tabuleh, fried eggplant, Egyptian Salad or Yoghurt Salad).

Platter 1 (4 falafel, hummus tabuleh, babaghanoj), Platter 2 (4 falafel, hummus, tabuleh, babaghanoj, labneh, kofta), Shawerma (beef or chicken), Kibbeh (fried meatball of beef, lamb and burghul), Kofta (2 skewers of grilled seasoned ground beef and lamb), Shish Kabab (2 skewers of grilled marinated beef), Shish Taouk (2 skewers of grilled marinated chicken), Mashawy( mixed grill of 1 skewer each beef, chicken and kofta), Egyptian Fajita (beef or chicken), Chicken Liver (liver grilled with onion, pepper garlic and spices). Prices range from 70 to 170 pesos.

Desserts include: Baklava (Phyllo dough, pistachio and honey), Basbosa (baked mix of semolina, butter, yoghurt, milk and honey), Katayef (pancake filled with walnuts, coconut floated in honey), Zalabya (croquette fried and soaked in honey), and also there is a daily special dessert – just ask! Prices range from 20 to 25 pesos.

Our daughter said everything was delicious and very fresh.

Buen provecho!

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