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Canadian Thanksgiving

Fall is officially here and it is decided cooler but still lovely and today is Canadian Thanksgiving.

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday as our son-in-law is a chef and has to work today.

It was truly a family affair but without the snow and football games. My husband did the appetizers and pre-dinner drinks. He made barbequed red and white wine salami with country Dijon mustard and chili gueras stuffed with an Asian beef and pork concoction reminiscent of the filling in Crystal Chop, a wonderful Asian dish with iceberg lettuce. He made a pitcher of Whiskey Sours which were very 30’s and reminded me of a cocktail hour with Cole Porter. I did the traditional stuffed, roasted turkey, gravy made with homemade stock, Brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash and mashed potatoes a la Gordon Ramsay. It was the first time we had had butternut squash and it is now my favorite of the squashes having a wonderful flavor and bright orange color. Naturally, we had whole cranberry sauce and several bottles of red and white wine.

My daughter made her now world famous Pumpkin Cheese Cake with extra caramel sauce and pralines and it was truly a spectacular meal.

It was our grandson’s first Thanksgiving (now 5 months old) and he was very well behaved at the table of 10 family members and close friends. We, of course, missed our son and his fiancé but they are coming home from Thailand December 1st which we all are greatly looking forward to.

It was a warm evening and my equipale furniture from the terraza is being reupholstered and was supposed to be ready last Wednesday. When I phoned to see where it was I was told that it would not be ready until Tuesday and I am not going to bet the farm on that. I am sure it will be beautiful when I do get it back but it would have been jolly useful for our first dinner party of the season.

Although we do have plenty of seating in the living room everyone gathered outside nonetheless and drinks and appetizers were enjoyed standing up.

I was very happy after my fourth shopping trip to Walmart, Superlake, Tony’s and Puritan Poultry to find at Superlake beautiful bronze Bosc pears and an assortment of pumpkins to adorn our harvest table which was very pretty with our good china and pewter plates.

The turkey from Puritan Poultry was fantastic and had one of those idiot-proof buttons that pop up when the bird is done. Although I was skeptical, the button did, in fact, pop up and the turkey was perfectly cooked, moist and delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Buen Provecho!

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