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Canadians and Americans in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

The Riots of 1994

The Riots of 1994

I believe the journalistic term is “racial tensions are increasing”. You can feel it in the air. The strained relations are palpable. Lakeside is a veritable powder keg. The uneasy looks, the behind the hand comments. There is no avoiding the subject, that could only lead to avoidance. Predictable enough I suppose, throwing two diverse cultures together. One jealous and resentful, one wealthy and arrogant. Both destined to come to logger heads.

Well this is one man who can’t sit by silently and watch this town destroy itself with bigotry.

Canadians and Americans just have to learn to get along better with each other. One particularly disturbing incident took place at the Lake Chapala Society flu shot day. (I was unable to attend myself but I understand several hundred people lined up to get injected with the flu.) One gentleman arrived early (I guess he really wanted the flu badly) and was near the head of the line. As often happens when North Americans are involved there was a delay in opening the doors and the man got tired so he went to rest in the shade. When the doors opened he naturally went back to his place in line. A dispute ensued and the comment overheard was “Oh let him butt in – he just thinks he is better than anyone else because he’s Canadian”. When another Canadian tried to defend his fellow countryman he was mowed down in a hail of gunfire which reportedly was very painful. (This is as close to a true story as you will ever read in this blog.)

In the first place Canadians don’t think they are better than everyone else. You can prove that by simply looking at how far down the food chain we had to go find someone to make fun of. The Newfy.

In the second place aren’t we forgetting, what’s his name, the Canadian guy who saved those hostages in Iran? It was a truly great act of friendship and above average Movie of the Week.

Look all I’m saying is lets try and remember the words that Paul McCartney song Ebony and Ivory. (Or Ivory and Ivory in this case.) Well, I can’t remember the words either but the message was “Let’s all try and act more like a piano.” (Paul smoked marijuana you know.)

American Thanksgiving is coming up so let’s us give thanks that we live in such a beautiful part of the world and that we don’t actually have to harvest everything ourselves.

You know the difference between a Canadian and a canoe. A canoe tips!

You know the definition of a Canadian? He’s an unarmed American with health insurance. God Save the Queen.

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