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Casa Gourmet or The Gourmet Store

Casa Gourmet or The Gourmet Store

Today I checked out this new store which has recently opened in the plaza across from Walmart on the carretera Chapala-Jocotepec # 206 Local 1-A in the Centro Laguna Mall.

They can be reached on facebook: casa gourmet ajijic by email: or by telephone (376) 766-5070 or 766- 0333. They claim to offer the most variety of imported items.

Casa Gourmet offers natural and organic products, canned soups, rice, cereals, baked goods, teas, spices, seasonings, Gluten-free products, Asian, Hindi, Kosher, Middle East selections, candy, chocolate, snacks, soda, cleaning products and much more.

I must admit it is very nice to see so many products we are used to up north but the prices are commensurate with the convenience of purchasing these products here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

They do have an impressive spice rack but there are no fresh products such as meat, fruit or vegetables.

I am sure you will find something of interest to you and it is well worth the visit.

On first glance I did not see anything that we could not buy elsewhere but it is nice to have all of these products in one place.

The staff was very welcoming and I am sure they are more than willing to help you find whatever it is for which you might be looking.

I am interested in comparing their prices to the other places where we can buy the same products but I am sure they are competitive.

The only way to save money shopping in Ajijic, Lake Chapala is to buy Mexican.

For those products that you miss from home I am sure you will find this store a welcome addition to our community.

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