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Changes at La Nueva Posada

The Eager family has been successfully serving the Lakeside community for over 37 years. They ran the Old Posada for 15 years which at that time was the only place to be in a 100 mile radius.

The Eager’s then moved to La Nueva Posada in 1992 and continued their tradition of excellent service to the community with wonderfully decorated rooms, the famous La Russa dining room, a cozy bar and a magnificent garden with dining also overlooking tranquil and scenic Lake Chapala. Well the Eager’s are again making changes. This time, however, within their existing premises located at Donato Guerra #9. Phone # (376) 766-1444. Email: and their web site is: where you will find pictures and rates.

The existing formal dining room and kitchen are being transformed into two luxury apartments. One with a magnificent view of the lake and the other bathed with sunlight from an open atrium.

There will still be a private La Russa dining room for private functions and meetings and it will still have a view of the lake.

The bar is now the new dining room, Las Cupulas, is absolutely beautiful, warm and welcoming. It has been repainted and outfitted with marvelous new onyx and alabaster light fixtures. It is magically decorated for Christmas and looks fantastic and it too, has a lake view.

There is a new bar now open and the new kitchen built alongside the garden is open with all the latest culinary innovations.

The Eager family is working on a new menu to grace the new dining facilities. Of course, the garden will still be open for al fresco breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Many other restaurants have come and gone but La Nueva Posada remains an institution and Ajijic, Lake Chapala landmark because of their outstanding service and consistency in the varied menu.

It is family owned and family run by now, three generations of Eagers and it is their pride in what they are doing and experience for over 37 years in the area that make them a continued success story.

Call or email for a reservation for a well- appointed room which includes breakfast or meal in one of the now three dining choices and see all the lovely changes for yourself. Your three choices are the new Las Cupulas, the private La Russa and the Garden. There are 3 sittings for their extravagant traditional Christmas dinner and you might wish to book early to make sure you have a table.

You will be very happy you did!

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