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Christmas in the Mountains of Virginia

In the over 20 years that we have been lucky enough to live in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, we have only ventured north twice for Christmas.  Both times it was jolly cold and I am sure this Christmas will be no exception.

We are going to the mountaisn of Virginia this year to be with 15 family members and 5 dogs.  We are a little uncertain as to what the weather will be but it could be cold and snowing or mild and dry.  Packing, therefore, will be a challenge as we have to be prepared for whatever the weather brings.

We will be staying at my husband’s brother’s cabin which looks absolutely amazing.  Our son and his wife will be driving down to meet us there so we are very excited to see them along with the rest of the family.

This will be our first Christmas together since the passing of my husband’s parents which will be sad but we know that it was their wish that we reamain close as a family.

Many members of the family are great cooks so we are all looking forward to the food we will be enjoying over the holidays.  My newphew has a Bagel Shop and we are looking forward to his famous bagel bombs and my brother-in-law has a charcuterie business which should also be fantastic.

We are going to have a spa day which should be lovely and relaxing and, of course, the requisite shopping trips are on the calendar.

There will be a lot of laughing, good food and family entertainment nights and perhaps a Christmas drink or two.  I am sure there will be some hiking in the mountains weather permitting which I am sure the 5 dogs will enjoy.

I am not looking forward to the air travel and driving involved in reaching our destination but I have no doubt it will be worth every minute.

Hopefully, there will be no unfortunate incidents and we will all have a Merry Christmas togehter.

We hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday Season and Merry Christmas too.

We look forward to returning to our little slice of paradise and the warmthof Ajijic after an amazing family Christmas.

We will miss our 3 dogs but our maid and her family will be staying at our house so our puppies will still feel at home and be able to sleep in their own beds.

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