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Christmas is a Feeling

This year our daughter, her husband and our grandson who live in California could not come for Christmas because he is a chef. Not our grandson our son-in-law.

They were able to come for a couple of weeks in November so we decided to celebrate Christmas with them November 29th. We scrambled around to find a tree prior to their arrival and decorated the house before US Thanksgiving which we also enjoyed with them and our Mexican family at La Nueva Posada.

We had our traditional Christmas breakfast of Deep Dish Stuffed French Toast and Breakfast Sausages at 8:00 am in the morning as my husband and eldest daughter had to rush off to work as they had a closing that day.

Later in the day our son-in-law picked up his daughter in Chapala as we had wanted her to be with us too.

We had a Christmas dinner of Candied Bacon served with Bloody Caesars, Prime Rib Roast, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, gravy and, of course, Yorkshire pudding and red and white wine. For dessert we had one of my daughters famous Double Chocolate Cheesecakes.

The meal was very good but what was even better was looking around the table and seeing our two daughters and their men and our gorgeous grandson. Our hearts were full, and after dinner we opened presents which both the kids loved and, frankly, so did we.

We had Christmas music playing throughout and it all felt very Christmasy indeed.

People cannot always be with their family and friends on the actual date of holidays but that does not mean you cannot celebrate with them nonetheless on a different date that works for everyone.

This year we have had two Thanksgivings and we will have two Christmases with people we love. We are very grateful for this time we have had with our family from California and it was a lovely Christmas.

Feliz Navidad a todos.

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