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Cinemas Del Lago in Ajijic, Lake Chapala,Mexico

Cinemas Del Lago

Remember when you were young how much fun it was to go to the movies, usually with your friends on Saturday afternoon or later perhaps on a date in the evening.

It was always a special treat and the prices in those days did not require a bank loan.

When we first moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala we did not have a movie theater and if you wanted to go to the movies you had to brave the traffic into Guadalajara where there are now two or more movie complexes.

The main ones are Cinepolis ( and Multicinemas and they both have many locations. So a visit to their websites would tell you what location would suit you. Also they have listings available weekly in the Guadalajara Reporter.

The listings for our own theaters are also available in the Guadalajara Reporter. Our theater complex is in Plaza Bugumbilias, Carr. Chapala –Ajijic # 54-C. Tel (376) 766-3729 Ext. l04, 106. Matinees Saturdays and Sundays only.

There is also a coupon in the Guadalajara Reporter with which you pay only $20.00 pesos per ticket any day except Wednesday.

It has been a very long time since one could go to the movies up north for $2.00 dollars.

Our theaters in Ajijic, Lake Chapala also have a very nice snack bar with hot dogs (with toppings only heard of here in Mexico), nachos, all kinds of candy, popcorn with some kind of buttery-like substance which is jolly tasty, and cold and hot drinks.

These days we don’t go out to the movies as often as we used to. They are many reasons for this. Going out again once we get home can be an unwanted challenge. Many of us are happy to wait until the movie comes on television or with the case of techie children and grandchildren we can now download feature films onto our computers.

Once in a while, however, a movie comes that should be seen on the big screen and a television screen or computer screen just will not do.

Such a movie is “Avatar” which won the Golden Globe best movie and best director, Jim Cameron who, of course, was responsible for “Titanic”. Mr. Cameron is not inclined to make short movies and “Avatar” is almost three hours long. However, it goes by in a heartbeat.

I was a little skeptical when invited to go to see this movie as I was told it was science fiction which is not my favorite genre. I went however, if not kicking and screaming, certainly reluctantly and the opening few scenes did nothing to reassure me I had made the right choice in accepting the invitation.

Then I was fully engrossed, the characters came to life, the music soared and I was watching incomparable visual beauty. I will not say any more as I do not wish to spoil this movie for you. I do recommend it, however. I found it to be an extremely entertaining two and a half hours or so. I think you will too.

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