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Cleaning Up Your Computer

There are many advertisements about sites that you can go to where you can, usually for a price, speed up and clean up your computer. Rather than going willy nilly to one of these sites I asked my daughter if it was a good idea.

She replied that AVG had a free Tune Up that you could download and it would clean up your computer for and maximize speed etc. I Googled AVG Free Tune Up 2013 and went to the site where I then downloaded the app and proceeded to follow the prompts until I had the wonderful news that my computer was maximized and clean as a whistle.

It is now working great and for no cost at all. They do ask for a code which you can obtain by going online and asking someone to give you theirs and it will work fine.

My daughter also suggested that I get rid of Moxilla Foxfire as a search engine as it takes up a great deal of space and replace it with Google Chrome which is evidently now the search engine of choice. I had it on my computer but had never used it and I do find it much faster and very efficient. It also has the added feature of being able to instantly Google anything sort of like one stop shopping.

There are lots of other things that take up space and slow down your computer. For example most of your pictures can be accessed on the internet making it unnecessary to store them on your computer.

There are also many documents you no longer need. What I like about AVG Tune Up 2013 is that while they are helping your optimize your computer speed they show you a list of applications that you have not used in a while so that you can pick and choose the ones you want to keep.

This would be a very lengthy process without their prompting.

I am very happy now with the speed of my clean computer. I hasten to add that I did manage to do the downloading myself of AVG Tune Up 2013 and get is started and just needed a little help with the selection of the apps to delete.

If you have the same difficulty just call your son or daughter or grandchild and I am sure they will be able to assist you in the blink of an eye.

I have a pretty good idea of what can and can’t be done on the computer but how to accomplish same sometimes alludes me. A friend of my son’s one said to me “Everything you need to do is only a click away”. It is what to click that seems a tad hazy.

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