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Clinica Maskaras

I have blogged about Dr. Carlos Garcia Diaz Del Castillo, the head of Maskaras Clinic, before but I feel the need to blog about him again.

Recently the daughter of a very good friend was having some neck pain.  She thought it would just go away as perhaps she had slept on it the wrong way. It persisted and she tried the usual pain killers but it continued to come and go.  Naturally, her mother suggested that she see the doctor but as the daughter was no fan of doctors she let it go.

A few weeks later the pain still was sporadic and had starting to manifest itself in her arm and chest.  She went online and saw that that was definitely not good. If you go online you often read something that will make you want to slit your wrists.

Finally, the daughter said to her mother “I think I should go to the doctor because something is definitely not right”.  As this was a very rare request an appointment was made forthwith for the next day.

Dr. Garcia was wonderful with his reluctat patient and after a battery of tests all done on site at Clinica Maskaras the diagnose was stress which had caused pressure on the heart.  The treatment – no stress and a 7 days course of anti0-inflammatories/pain killers and muscle relaxers/pain killers.  Her heart was deemed to be fine after an EKG and all else proved to be normal.

The girl was very happy with the doctor and his diagnosis as the pain in her left arm had caused her great worry.

I have been going to Dr. Garcia for many years and trust him implicitly and am very happy he was able to put this young girl at ease.

Dr. Garcia aslo has a very good health care plan you can pay for yearly.  This plan offers you unlimited visits, and discounts on lab work an