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Count Your Blessings

Tony Robbins (the world class motivational speakers and life coach) once said that one of the greatest emotions to feel was gratefulness.

Often when we think we have problems it is a very beneficial exercise to look around us and see how very lucky we are as we observe the problems of others.

Today I just watched a segment of CNN about an American helicopter delivering supplies, food, water, diapers, shoes etc. to the 40,000 Yazidis stranded on top of Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq as they are being threatened with deathfrom ISIS  unless they convert to Islam.

Once the supplies were distribuated the operation commenced to rescue as many of these people as possible.  We watched them being pulled onto the helicopter.  They were old and young children and babies some with wounds all of them scared and hungry.  We saw their faces streaked with tears of relief as they were whisked away from this horrendous situation.

There was relief on many of the faces and then more fear as the helicopter had to fight to get away from ISIS.

If you ever had any doubt that the US was doing the right thing in bombing ISIS and provided these stranded people with supplies, hope and possible escape this video will change your mind forever.

ISIS must be stopped before they commit genocide on these Yazidis who are of the Christian faith.

This is clearly a humanitarian issue and I wish the air strikes huge success in stopping these worse than terrorists from continuing their blood thirsty plunder of Iraq.

I was very moved by this video and applaud the Americans for helping these innocent people.

Think of what they have been living through and how they now have the power of hope.

My problems are non-existant in view of what others around the world are suffering.  So I am indeed counting my blessings and feeling very grateful for everything I have here in my slice of paradise in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

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