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Dare to Change

We have had quite a busy schedule over the last few days with lots of BBQ’s and drinking.

I have to share with you the party we were at yesterday where we had the best hamburgers we have ever had in our lives.

I was a combination Canada Day, Fourth of July and Birthday Party and was held in a beautiful private home in Ajijic. It was tastefully decorated with a shimmering swimming pool that many people enjoyed. Fortunately all the pool participants entered the pool voluntarily which is not always the case after a cocktail or three. It was an interesting mix of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans and the dress was anything from bathing suits with cover ups to party dresses. Sea foam green seemed to be the predominant color of the day although one Canadian lady was decked out in a bright red Canadian Maple Leaf Flag vest which also stood out.

Everyone was asked to bring some item of food which seemed to be well orchestrated. There were pasta salads, cole slaws, macaroni and cheeses, guacamoles, cheesits, chips, doritos, nachos, jalapeno poppers, chicken wings, finger sandwiches, potato salads, dips and fruit kebabs and this was just to start.

There was a full open bar with wonderful Bloody Marys, Jalapena Margaritas, Martinis, cold beer and of course delicious white and red wines.

There was a fabulous dessert table with cupcakes, chocolate cup cakes, ice cream with home made chocolate sauces and a variety of delicious cookies.

Along the side wall up to the bar was a vast selection of toppings for burgers and hot dogs. This, for me was the “piece de resistance”. There were six exotic mustards, mango chutneys, carmelized and crispy onions, beef steak tomatoes, several varieties of lettuce, other assorted salsas ranging from mild to muy picante and, of course, for the faint of heart, ketchup.

I sampled a couple of the cole slaws, finger sandwiches, a jalapeno popper and some guacamole. Then the aroma of the cooking hamburgers wafted my way. I dispatched one of my daughter’s friends to the BBQ forthwith (it was on the other side of the pool) and he came back with my burger in tow. The bun was reminiscent of a chapatti roll and the burger perfectly cooked.

I then took my burger to the toppings table and chose mango, chutney, one of the exotic country mustards, caramelized onions, crispy onions and a slice of ripe red beef steak tomato. To say I enjoyed every bite would be an understatement. I was the best burger ever and I know I will never go back to boring French’s mustard and relish.

I had one small oatmeal cookie for dessert which was perfect. In the spirit of full disclosure I had one Bloody Mary and two small glasses of white wine.

It was a wonderful afternoon and change can be a very good thing.

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